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Why we feel you should choose Homerswood

Previous Surveys

This is what Homerswood pupils say about their school:


"It's fun because we do lots of PE and take part in lots of tournaments"

"It is friendly and everyone is helpful"

"I like the classroom as it is bright and has lots of resources"

"I like this school as there are lots of cool reading books"

"I like my teacher because she likes me!"

"It's the best school ever!  The teachers are nice, there are interesting Science lessons and books"

"I love the computers which we use for research"

"I like challenging myself with my home learning"

"We get to choose our own challenges" 

"We have very helpful learning partners"

"There are fair rules on the playground and a friendly inclusive environment"


This is what Homerswood parents/carers say about their school:

"Really impressed by the level of teaching in Year 6"

"I am so delighted with the year on year improvements at Homerswood.  Strong leadership, nurturing environment"

"Both of my children are extremely happy at school and they are progressing well in their classes.  Great teaching - thank you!"

"Very friendly and caring teaching staff"

"My child loves school and we are pleased with the level of teaching!"

"It's great to know the children are so happy and enjoying their school"

"It's nice to se the children working together so nicely"

"My boy loves his class teacher and friends"