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English at Homerswood

At Homerswood, we aim to develop, in all of our children, a positive attitude towards all aspect of English. We want the children to learn to love reading for pleasure, to feel pride in their learning, and to enjoy the freedom for expression that writing provides.


We provide a range of learning opportunities and study a range of genres across the school. Children get to know authors and use strong examples as models for their own writing. In addition, our cross curricular writing provides further opportunities for children to 'show what they know'.



No Pens Day and Musical Theatre Enrichment

This week marked our termly enrichment which included 2 days of no pens or pencils and dance workshops delivered by the wonderful Premier Sports leader, Ruby. 


Each class selected a musical and built two days of activities around it. Year 1 chose the Lion King, year 2 selected Matilda, year 3 went with School of Rock, year 4 selected music through the ages, year 5 chose Oliver Twist and year 6 voted for The Greatest Showman. 


The two days were immense fun and the children were given the opportunity to learn in alternative ways. They were able to develop their ideas, their vocabulary, their problem solving and team work though active learning exercises. We have seen drama, music, circus skills, costume design, singing workshops, puppet making and more. It really has been an exciting (and brilliantly raucous)  few days.  We have had a blast. 


Photographs to follow soon. 

Library Week 2019

This week marks Homerswood Library Week. We have a medley of activities going on including book reviews, searches for Golden TIckets, rewards, open house and more. We have launched the summer reading challenge in association with Campus West Library and have invited families to come along and share our lovely resources in our revamped library. 

Homerswood hosts its first spelling bee

Homerswood hosts its first spelling bee 1

Year 6 explore vocabulary

Can you guess the word that was being demonstrated?

It is a word with a prefix.

It is a 9 letter word.

It is a synonym of clever. 

It contains 5 vowels.



Spelling shed news

Year 6 have pushed past year 5....year 3 are on their toes....the race heats up!

Homerswood Celebrates World Book Day in Style

The week ahead - World Book Day

National Storytelling Week

National Storytelling Week 2019

Still image for this video
Mrs Dring shares 'Aliens Love Underpants.'

National Storytelling Week - day two

Still image for this video
Mrs Reeve shares one of her favourite stories.

Melissa shares her amazing handwriting with year 6

Melissa shares her amazing handwriting with year 6 1
Picture 1

Got Caught Reading


Don't forget to snap your little ones reading. It could be anything...anywhere. Comics in the treehouse, newspapers in the shed, a favourite bedtime story with teddies on the sofa...To make it even more special, we share the GCR photographs in our Marvellous Me Assemblies. The children are always pleased to see themselves on the big screen and the whole school loves to see who is reading. 


We would love to see more members of our Homerswood community reading in all sorts of locations. We have had some great snaps in the past and would love to add to the collection. 


Please email photographs to and mark it for the attention of Miss Kettle and Mrs Dring. frown


Handwriting Heroes

Spring Term

Congratulations to Teddie Deether who was given a handwriting award for his fabulous progress in handwriting. His beautiful learning is now proudly displayed on the handwriting wall on the KS2 stairs. 


Autumn Term

Congratulations to Ruth in year 2, Zak in year 4, Jayden in year 5 and Archie in year 2 who were selected by their teachers for handwriting awards this week. The children shared their impressive improvements and were clapped and cheered by the year 6 children who were extremely impressed. Keep sharing your beautiful writing - we love to celebrate your successes. 

Amelia's fabulous imagery

Amelia's fabulous imagery 1
In year six, the children have been using The Explorer by Katherine Rundell, to write descriptions. Here, Amelia imagined the view that Con saw from the canopy of the Amazonian rainforest. As you can see, Amelia has used fantastic vocabulary to build a beautiful picture. She has selected language for its effect on the reader and has even managed to utilise the year six word of the week. Can you guess what that word is? Is is a synonym for carefully. Amelia was very proud to share her learning with Mrs Shirley. Well done, Amelia!



Happy Poetry Day!

Today, throughout the school, the children will be taking part in a range of activities to celebrate National Poetry Day. Some classes will be creating poetry, some learning and reciting, whilst others will be creating and performing art around a selected poem. We are all very excited about our day. More details (and photos) to follow.

Our day started brilliantly with a special marvellous me assembly. During the assembly, a member of the school community shared a poem that he wrote to celebrate Homerswood and National Poetry Day. Can you guess who it was?


My school day


It’s Monday morning and time for school. 

Shoes and coats on and out of the door. 


The teacher smiles as we enter in. 

A good morning hello with a comforting grin. 


Morning work starts with maths and some writing. 

Then onto our topic, Egyptians, EXCITING!


Next daily mile it is our time to run. 

Some think it’s boring but I think it’s fun. 


Now lunchtime is here, hip hip hooray. 

Pasta and crumble then outside to play. 


A quick run on the field and a race with my friend. 

Then I hear a whistle that brings lunchtime to an end. 


The afternoon starts it is time for R E.

I hope this is quick because next we have P E. 


Quick let’s get changed, quick let’s get going. 

I wonder if it’s kicking, running, jumping or throwing. 


Well my days nearly over, so I sit on the rug. 

I collect all my letters then it’s off to my club. 


Monday was long it’s the end of my day. 

So it’s off home I go to my bed where I lay. 

Congratulations to all of the certificate winners who took part in this summer's library reading challenge.

Congratulations to all of the certificate winners who took part in this summer's library reading challenge. 1

Keep scrolling for archived materials

from the academic year 2017-2018

Picture 1

Second Edition of Press Gang now available

The Press Gang have been busy organising, writing and editing their second edition which is on sale now. The children have created a fun, informative and fact-filled edition which features, to name but a few,  sports news, celebrity news, a teacher profile and science experiments for you to try at home.

Please support Press Gang and our charity of the year, Willow Foundation,  who gain 10 pence for every copy sold.

Press Gang Release Issue #1

After many, many weeks of hard work, the first edition of the Press Gang Newspaper is on sale now. The paper is only 40p and for each copy sold, we will donate 10p to our charity (Willow). The paper is full of fun with quizzes, insider facts about the teachers, comic strip and interesting information.


Copies are on sale during break times, in the dining hall.  Get yours now! :)




Every child, from nursery to year 6, made the most of the Samba workshops and used their experiences to inspire their writing. Each class took part in an All-Write session on Thursday and wrote recounts of their experiences. 


It was a great success and the teachers were really impressed with the quality of writing throughout the school. It is lovely to see how writing develops and how skills for writing are built upon in each year. Evidence of the gold and platinum statements were clear to see in every year group. What a wonderful way to bring the spring term to a close. 


Well done, children.



The Press Gang club were extremely excited to meet Sophie from the WHTimes last week. They interviewed Sophie regarding her job as a journalist  and shared all of their hard work ( as they prepare for the first edition to be released). The children received top tips and even took part in a little competition to write the most words in a minute.


Do have a look at the online edition (linked below) to read the full article. The Press Gang Club are feeling very proud of their claim to fame and it is a lovely write-up.

Press Gang Meets the WHTimes

Press Gang Meets the WHTimes 1
Press Gang Meets the WHTimes 2
At the beginning of March, Sophie Blackman, a journalist from the WHTimes, came in to meet our very own Press Gang journalists. We interviewed Sophie and found out all about her life as a real life journalist. We saw how quickly she can write using shorthand and heard all about the exciting stories she has covered. Her visit really inspired us - especially when she told us about her request to visit her local newspaper. She was ignored and disappointed but her experience made her determined to answer us when we asked for her help and involvement. We hope that, one day, when we are grown up and in the world of work, we can do the same for another group of children.

Thank you so much for taking part in this year's World Book Day. You should all have stickers and a voucher to redeem against a book in any of the bookstores taking part. We hope that you had a wonderful day. Well done for coming up with such wonderful costumes and for sharing your favourite stories and books. 


Don't forget to continue sharing stories at home.


Thank you to all of the friends and families who took the time to create such a wonderful array of costumes. 


smiley  We wish you all a very happy World Book Day.  smiley 

'How We Teach Reading' Briefing : Thursday 2 October 2014

Our Brand New Library


Our library has had a fabulous overhaul and is now ready for use. Each class will visit the library weekly and choose books to read at home. We will advertise the brand new books through assemblies. In January, we are hoping to open the library up to families one day after school so you too can access an opportunity to read with your children.

Knebworth House Short Story Competition
Congratulations to Abbi (Y4) who was shortlisted in the Knebworth House Short Story writing competition last week. She was one of 12 finalists chosen from 200 entries. An amazing achievement.
Well done to all the other children who entered in Years 4 to 6, the feedback was fabulous from the judges and the standard was exceptionally high. If you would like to read the short story entries they are held in a black file outside Mrs Bryony's office.