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History at Homerswood

At Homerswood, we aim to develop, in all of our children, a knowledge and understanding of the history of Britain and the World. We want the children to be inspired by historical events and develop a curiosity for the subject through teaching critical thinking skills and analysis of evidence, with the provision for children to ask questions.

Year 2 trip to Mill Green Museum

History Day 2016 - in pictures

History Day 2016 - in words


Here are some thoughts shared by children throughout the school:


"I think it was a really nice day because we saw what has changed over the last years and what has improved since the olden days"  

Hazel, Year 1


"It was very creative and artistic - making models, using pastels and building castles. We learned such a lot"

Year 2


"I thought it was brilliant because everyone had such cool models" 

Theo, Year 1


"It was fun running History Day Jibber Jabber. I liked working together. I think we could do it again" 

Year 6


"I liked working with my friends" 

Andrew, Year 3


To sum it all up...

We enjoy History every week but were very excited to be doing a whole day of it! As you can see from the pictures we made lots of things to do with our eras in history within our classes and at the end of the day we put it all together in a massive timeline display for our parents to see.


Each year group had a particular time period to study and bring to life, see if you can guess which is which in the pictures above. 


Year 1: modern time period
Year 2: Medieval Times
Year 3: Romans
Year 4: Ancient Egypt
Year 5: The Aztecs
Year 6: World War 1 and 2.


Written by Year 4





Here at Homerswood we love History. We teach exciting, relevant lessons that capture the imagination and interest of our children. The children love investigating, absorbing new knowledge and share their learning in creative and personal ways. The changes occurring nationally with the curriculum have provided us with further opportunities to focus on key local, national and international issues through history.


Each year group endeavours to undertake a local history study looking at our community or historical buildings or events in the area, throughout time. This ranges from the intriguing reign of Henry VIII and his connection with Hatfield House to the development of our Garden City and ‘Welwyn at War’.


We firmly believe that history is not simply the retelling of dates and facts; it is the piecing together of clues from the past to find out how people used to live and what influenced their beliefs, philosophies and actions. How have those living before shaped and affected the lives we lead today?


The new emphasis on higher level critical thinking skills, outlined in the new National Curriculum, fits really well with our ‘Flying High’ curriculum – we encourage children to not just find out ‘what’ and ‘how’ but also to question ‘why’ and to form, and justify their own opinions about the world they live in.


Please let us know if you, or any family members, have any personal experiences of key historical events, we would love you to join us on our voyage of discovery.

History Curriculum Plan 2014 +