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French - Modern Foreign Languages

Summer Term

We held our annual french cafe to celebrate Bastille Day. The children used their speaking skills to order a baguette and choose their toppings: "jambon" "fromage" or "pate".

Year 6 learning a history topic in French: the vikings

French Club enjoyed the warmer weather by taking their "colour by numbers" outside. A great way to practice numbers and colours whilst enjoying the sunshine!

Spring Term

Year 6 have made a great start on their new topic "World War 2".

French club have been learning about different types of food through a lovely story in french called "Le chien très gourmand". Here is a board game they played to practice their new vocabulary learnt!

Year 6 have been learning some vocabulary for their hobbies at the weekend.

Autumn Term

Nursery are starting to learn some nursery rhymes in French! They are starting with Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star.

Year 2 are learning how to say different fruits in French. They listen to the word and have to select which fruit matches the word.

Year 4 have purchased a well-known book in french and have challenged themselves to read the story and see which words they recognise!


Bonjour! We are looking forward to a new term of MFL sequences in Homerswood's chosen foreign language: French.

Here are the topics we are covering in Key Stage 2 this term:

Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6
Musical InstrumentsGoldilocksThe WeatherThe Weekend


French club will also continue to run every Thursday evening from 3:20pm- 4:00pm.

Reception chose to study France for One World Week, they enjoyed building Eiffel towers, comparing French and English culture and learning about french food!

Autumn 2021


Welcome to a new academic year of MFL at Homerswood. We are very excited to continue our passion for communicating in other languages and will be continuing our teaching of french in key Stage 2. We follow a rich and engaging curriculum supporting listening, reading, writing and speaking skills giving our children the confidence to communicate in another language.

We also celebrate the many other languages spoken throughout our school with lots of extra language celebration days. Check this website for any updates and news to share.


Year 5 are learning how to say the date in French. We change the date each day and practice saying it in a full sentence e.g "aujourd'hui c'est jeudi le quatre novembre"

A great start to the Autumn term so far. Here are some examples of year 5 completing some french sentences about which pets they have. They are applying their knowledge of animals, numbers and the verb "to have".

Homerswood Celebrated a "French Day" where all year groups took part in a celebration of languages. Part of this day involved practicing their french speaking skills to order some french food at a cafe! They made their choice between a brioche or a croissant by saying "je voudrais" and not forgetting their manners!

A great way to learn new languages is through rhythm. At Homerswood we use lots of catchy songs, rhymes and chants to help remember new vocabulary. Here is Year 3 showing how they remember the different "body parts", can you recognise the song?

Still image for this video

Here is what some of our pupils think about learning French at Homerswood. Some quotes speak about being able to apply their language skills when they visit France, and others love the interactive activities we do in class.

Year 9 students, from Monkswalk School, visited year 6 to share some fun Spanish games and activities.

French Around the School At Homerswood.