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Grammar, spelling and punctuation

Grammar and spelling are strands of the English curriculum, intended to allow children to express themselves and communicate effectively and accurately.


Our curriculum is progressive in the way that it builds on prior knowledge. For example, spelling across KS2 builds on spelling and phonics from KS1, whilst also offering the opportunity for revisiting in areas of weakness. Similarly, grammatical knowledge and terminology is introduced from an early age and is constantly revisited and developed in how it is applied to writing, especially further up the school, so that children can begin to use their knowledge to make stylistic choices and become confident in how they talk about their linguistic structures. For some children with individual needs, spelling and grammar may be tailored specifically to meet their needs, but still with a view that all reasonable efforts will be made to allow all children to access age – appropriate objectives.


Spelling and grammar are taught in discrete lessons, or within the context of an English unit of work and accurate spelling and grammar are expected to be applied within English lessons, and other written outcomes across the curriculum.