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Houses at Homerswood

House Days

To support and enable cross year group learning we hold ‘House Days’ each term.

During a 'House Day' the children meet in groups and learn alongside different children and adults within their house. 


Our four houses are named after influential Welwyn Garden City people, which were originally  linking it to the WGC100 centenary year in 2020:


Howard (Red)

Named after Sir Ebeneezer Howard, who was the founder of the garden movement and encouraged others to live together harmoniously.

Chambers (Green)

Named after Sir Theodore Chambers who worked as a Surveyor on the building of WGC.

De Soissons (Yellow)

Named after Louis de Soissons, who was the architect and town planner of WGC.

Osborn (Blue)

Named after the first pioneer of WGC.   


Look below for some of the activities completed.