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Design and Technology

At Homerswood we aim to ensure that Design and Technology is planned and taught as an integral part of our topic work. Through our new curriculum, we aim to promote all pupils interest and understanding. We aim to teach pupils to design, select appropriate resources, and make products with increasing confidence. By teaching these skills we help to prepare pupils to participate in the development of tomorrow's rapidly changing world.

Spring Term 2022

We will continue in to the second term of the academic year with more new design and technology skills to learn and teach. Remember to visit this page regularly to see updates about DT and celebrate the wonderful work the children create.


Each year group will be learning the creating the following this term:

Mechanisms: Moving story book


Structures: Baby bears chair

Food: Eating seasonally

Structures: Pavillions

Mechanical Systems: Making a pop-up book


Digital world: Monitoring devices

Electrical Systems: Steady hand game


Autumn 2021

This term we shall be continuing to follow the Kapow design technology (DT) scheme of work.This follows a spiral curriculum where skills are learnt and developed each term and into each year. It is an exciting and fun scheme which reflects a clear progression of skills.

Children develop their creativity and imagination through a range of activities. They learn to investigate materials and control tools - from researching, planning and making a balanced meal to construction to creating electronic and mechanical systems.

Revisit this page regularly to see how the school are developing their skills and for further information in this subject.

......and so it begins!!!! Year 5 start their Young Chef of the Year sessions in preparation for the competition. Here they are learning and practicing chopping vegetables in different ways. Fingers crossed for another winner!

Year 1 Investigating Fruit and Vegetables!

Book Covers: Year 4

Exploring different materials and deciding which are best to make the life cycle of a frog and how to assemble these together. The children's ponds are great and they loved making them!

Reception Design and Techonology in the Curriculum

Year 1 'Windmill Day'

DT in Year 1 researching paper folding techniques.

The Great Homerswood Bake Off