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Geography at Homerswood


At Homerswood Primary and Nursery School, we believe the Geography curriculum should inspire curiosity, fascination and encourage individual thinking skills. By providing a vibrant and ambitious curriculum our pupils will gain a broad and balanced view of the world and its people. Our Geography curriculum enables pupils to develop their knowledge about diverse places, people, resources, and natural and human processes. Pupils will also develop an understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, and the formation and use of landscapes and environments.

Subject Leader Guidance

Autumn Term 2022


Another year, another exciting term of Geography! The teachers have been planning exciting lessons to build curiosity and develop each child's learning journey. 

Please check here regularly for Geography updates and learning across the school from Nursery to Year 6.

Year 1 have been exploring maps, by recalling journeys and sequencing landmarks.

Year 5, as part of UK Parliament week, held a debate about 'Why Democracy is Important?'

Year 6, completing the UK Parliament Quiz to test their knowledge and understanding of how Parliament works.

Year 2, having an introduction to how Parliament works and a discussion about the Prime Minster.

Start of UK Parliament Week, with a whole school assembly.

UK Parliament Week 2022, is an annual event that engages people from across the UK with Parliament, spreading the word about what Parliament is, what it does and how everyone can get involved.

Year 2 have been exploring the four seasons in the UK.

Eco-Club, creating bird feeders.

Year 2 have been investigating why the weather changes and exploring the different types of wind.

Summer 2022

Welcome back for another fun filled term of geography learning. In classes we are starting the new term with a focus on geographical skills and fieldwork. Look out for information and updates about the history learning in each class.



14.6.22 - Congratulations Eco Warriors on our inaugural Eco Club meeting.

19.5.22 - Reception, comparing the UK and Iceland.

Eco-Club staring after half term.

EUROPE – A STUDY OF THE ALPINE REGION: Where should we go on holiday?

Spring 2022


 We are very excited to welcome you back and look forward to an enjoyable term of geography learning. In classes we are starting the new term with a focus on human and physical geography. Look out for information and updates about the geography learning in each class.

Reception - Describing the immediate environment, using knowledge from observation and discussion, to create maps.

Where should we go on holiday? Year 5 have been exploring how homes are designed to suit their location.

Where does all the rain go? - Year 4 exploring the water cycle.

ONE WORLD WEEK 2022 - Year 3 have been using their map skills to explore some of the cities in Japan.

Autumn 2021


 We are very excited to welcome you all back and look forward to an enjoyable term of geography learning. In classes we are starting the year with a focus on locational and place knowledge. Look out for information and updates about the geography learning in each class.

Recycle your Christmas cards 2022! 

January is the month to recycle your Christmas cards responsibly or gather them together to reuse in crafts for next Christmas!

It's easy to recycle Christmas cards at Homerswood School to reuse in crafts next year. Simply bring your Christmas cards to school for us to store, until we can use them to create amazing Christmas crafts.


What’s it like where we live? - Year 1 have been creating maps of their classroom.

Find out all about one of the most important climate change summits in the world.

Can you come on a Great American Road Trip? - Year 4 have been researching the historic Route 69.

2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference

What is life like in the Amazon? - Year 6 have been using an atlases to locate the Amazon.

Geography Working Walls