Our school is currently closed to all pupils apart from 'key worker' children and those that are vulnerable.
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Geography at Homerswood

At Homerswood, we aim to develop, in all of our children, curiosity and appreciation of the world, with children recognising the importance of sustainable development. We also want children to develop an understanding of places and environments both locally and globally. We want the children to learn how to draw and interpret maps and develop skills of research, investigation, analysis and problem-solving.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

 Geography; a subject whose name conjures up images of tweed and dull, unimaginative lessons looking at faded tables of rainfall levels in Mongolia!


Not at Homerswood.


In line with both the new National Curriculum and our ongoing dedication to providing relevant, real life and engaging learning opportunities, Geography at Homerswood is fun, fascinating and fit for purpose!


For starters; learning, where possible, is hands-on, takes place outdoors and aims to teach important life skills such as map reading and using compasses. We explore, and use, a wide range of fieldwork techniques, including many scientific and computing methods to make and record observations.


We study the impact of our ‘carbon footprint’ and consider our roles and responsibilities as active global citizens. Our children are growing up in a world that is ever changing, and as such need arming with the knowledge and skills, along with a curiosity about that world, that will last a lifetime.

Geography Curriculum Plan 2014 +