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‘Learning to Succeed’


At Homerswood Primary and Nursery School, it is our belief that science plays a vital role in every child's future, whether that is through the pursuit of further studies, a career or just an interest about the world around them and staying healthy.


Science equips pupils with the unique set of tools to question and understand how and why things happen.  We strive to ensure that by the time each child leaves us they have a sound understanding of the world they live in and how science plays an integral part in every aspect of their lives- from the food that we eat to the technology we use. With this in mind we endeavor to ensure that children develop a healthy and enthusiastic attitude towards science that will stay with them forever.

May 2018 - Year 2 - Look how much our plants have grown!

May 2018 - YR - Magnets

May 2018 - YR - Bones!

May 2018 - Year 1 - Testing properties of materials

May 2018 - Year 2 - Growing cress in different conditions

January 2018 - Year 6 - Science - Animals including humans

11th January 2018

Big Garden Bird Watch

This week in assembly we talked about how we need to look after British birds in winter as  they find it hard to find enough food in winter. We talked about the types of food birds like to eat and how we could help.

Check out the RSPB's website to sign up to the Big Garden Bird watch next weekend.

November 2017 - Year 1 trip to Whipsnade Zoo

October 2017 - Year 3 - Worms!

September 2017 - Year 2 Making Slime (Materials)

June 2017 - Science and Engineering Week - Year 3 - Lego Robotics

June 2017 - Science and Engineering Week - Reception

June 2017 - Science and Enngineering week - Year 1 - The 3 Little Pigs House

June 2017 - Science and Engineering Week - Year 1 - Marble run

June 2017 - Science and Engineering week - Year 1 - visitors and bug hotels

Cambridge Science Centre


On Wednesday 19 March, 6 of our most able Scientists visited Cambridge Science Centre.  We travelled there by train with two of our teachers.  We walked from Cambridge Rail Station to the Science Centre and on the way we stopped off at Cambridge University to see what it might be like to learn there when we are older.


Inside we were shown lots of amazing things and completed lots of interesting experiments to do with magnets, brains, heat, sound and many more topics.

Ice cream in a bag experiment