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‘A pathway to grow, be curious and discover’


It is our intent at Homerswood Primary School to continue to build a Science Curriculum, which develops the learning of Science skills alongside a questioning mind about ways in which Science influences everyday life.

Our investigative Science will encourage children to ask important questions about how things work and why things happen in a certain way. Ultimately, this will help all children to understand the world they are growing up in and provide them with life skills to better access it as well as becoming creative thinkers and adults who strive to seek solutions to problems and answers to life’s questions.


Alongside scientific knowledge and the understanding of concepts, we hope that our children will develop curiosity and excitement about the natural world as well as use their skills to understand how Science can be used today and in the future.

Science Subject Leader Guidance

British Science Week 2021 


Next week, week beginning the 8th March, pupils at Homerswood will be introduced to "Innovating the Future" by designing an invention to be used in the future. 

Pupils can take part individually, or as part of a group/class. Certificates and prizes will be available for the overall winners from each class. 

Pieces designed by classes/groups individuals can be of their choice to present, either through a poster,  written piece, model.....the choice is yours! 

Mrs Reeve will choose overall winners for each class, and then the school, before the end of the Spring Term. 


British Science Week- Making Rainbows