We currently have spaces for our Nursery 2017 intake. Feel free to make an appointment to see our 'Outstanding' foundation stage setting.
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Primary and Nursery School

‘Learning to Succeed’

Who's Who

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Mrs Debbie Shirley

Designated Child Protection Officer

Mrs Paula Bennett

Deputy Headteacher



Mrs Pippa March

Year 6, Senior Leader

Miss Mica Kettle

Year 5, Phase Leader Year 2 3 & 4

Mrs Helen Bailey

Year 4

Miss Emilia Lundgren

Year 3

Mrs Paula Bennett

Year 2 (0.8) Year 5 & 6 Phase Leader

Mrs Karen Pumilia

Year 2 (0.2)  PPA cover

Miss Jo Curtis & Mrs Daisy Brooks

Year 1

Mrs Beare, Mrs Chilton & Mrs Mills

Cover Teachers

Mrs Gill Manly

Reception.  Phase Leader Nursery, Reception & Yr 1

Mrs Karen Cropley

Nursery. Senior Leader

Mrs Kerry Cain Year 4 (0.2)
Mrs Vicky Beare Nurture Group Teacher



Miss Joanne Henry

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Helen Carroll

Nursery Nurse

Miss Laura Dring

Teaching Assistant

Miss Sophie Day

Teaching Assistant

Miss Vikki MacDonald

Teaching Assistant



Mrs Diane Penketh

Teaching Assistant

Miss Leigh Richards

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Valerie Stevenson

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Sandra Williams

Teaching Assistant

Miss Jody Kiff Teaching Assistant
Mr Ricky Scully Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lisa Spillman Nurture Group Teaching Assistant



Mrs Maxine Wilson

Inclusion Manager

Mrs Bryony Atkinson

School Secretary

Mrs Beverly Williams

Administration Assistant

Mr Dave Craven

Site Manager

Mrs Jane Mills

Senior MSA


Mrs Carol Saunders MSA  

Mrs Nicki Kirby



Mr Dave Craven


Mrs Sharon Edizer MSA
Mrs Solandi Tenorio Chazin MSA
Miss Oana Vasiliu MSA