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Religious Education

At Homerswood Primary School we follow the Hertfordshire Scheme of Work for Religious Education. This has been developed to accompany the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education.

It requires that pupils learn about different religions.

At Homerswood we think that it is important to encourage pupils to reflect on their own beliefs and values whilst acknowledging that others may hold beliefs different from their own.

Pupils learn about Christianity in every year group. Each year group also focus on a different religion. These  include Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism.

The pupils learn to describe the key aspects of religions and traditions, learn about places of religious importance and discover how religious festivals, events and stories are observed within religious communities.

Where  possible, we visit different places of worship or invite visitors to the school.

Year 5 Trip to the Synagogue


On Tuesday 19th July, Year 5 visited the Synagogue in Welwyn Garden City.  They all enjoyed learning about Judaism.

The Servant Queen


On Thursday 23rd June Selina Evans and two parishioners (Mary and Katie) from St John's Church visited Homerswood School.

Selina talked to the children during assembly and told them stories about Queen Elizabeth II.  Each child was given a booklet called "The Servant Queen" which celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday.

Year 2 visited St John's Church on Friday 13th February. They had fun observing the interesting artefacts and ringing the bells.