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Year 6

Thank you all so much for your kind words, beautiful cards and generous gifts. I am so glad that you enjoyed the assembly and (as requested) you can find a copy of the poem below.

You really are a lovely bunch and I hope that you all have the most amazing summer. Happy holidays to all of you. xxxx

French learning

Year 6 are busy consolidating, reviewing and learning our French: speaking, listening, translating and writing. 


We have done so with confidence and with some pretty impressive accents too. COMING SOON: We will post some audio files to demonstrate how well we are doing. Tres bien!

Super Stan Brings the House Down

Wow! Wow! Wow!

What an amazing show the children put on. They blew us away with their confidence, their acting, their singing and their star quality. We really hope that those of you that joined us had a great time. We definitely did.

Crucial Crew

What an action-packed week we have had. We visited crucial crew for workshops in personal safety which included lectures and interactive sessions on how to stay safe. We met a whole host of experts including the fire services, the local council, the police and university students. We discussed how to behave: 

  • around the railways (station behaviours and the dangers of electricity)
  • around power stations and power lines (danger triangles)
  • online (safety)
  • when out and about (stranger danger)
  • as we get older and start going out more (anti-social behaviours)
  • around electrical equipment (dangers of electricity

We received a lot of information and some goodies to remind us of the lessons we learned.


We had a lovely morning with the dads and uncles who led groups to design and create models of Wembley and Luzhniki Stadiums. We were blown away by the ingenuity and imagination of the teams - the models were amazing!


Miss Dring had the difficult job of judging the models and choosing a winning team. In the end, Mr McMullen's  team won for their realistic design which even had a removable roof. Take a look at the brilliant designs and judge for yourself. They are all stunning!


We wish our visitors and all of our dads, grandads etc a very Happy Father's Day this weekend. 

What a wonderful day - this Thursday brought tortoises, a piggy-backing Yoda and British athletes to Homerswood 😎

Knex Challenge wiith Jerry Stone, author and presenter.

Whoop whoop we go!


Well the wait is over, next week is SATS week and you couldn't possibly be more prepared to show how far you have come in the last 4 years. 


You have aimed high and shown amazing determination and resilience so far this year. Mr Perriman, Mrs Mac, Mrs Digweed and I have watched in awe and have loved seeing your growth and development. We have been so impressed and we are proud of each and every one of you.


We really hope that you are excited about next week. More than anything else, it is a brilliant opportunity to show off and show what you know. So, on Monday, arrive refreshed after a relaxing weekend and a good night of sleep and hold your heads high. You are all fabulous learners with amazing growth mindsets. 


After next week, our learning journey continues as we move towards your final weeks at Homerswood. We have wonderful things planned and we can't wait to share them all with you. 


You all rock! See you on Monday.  We cannot wait.smiley

Mrs Dring

Year 6 win 'super singers' for the second week running :)

A quick reminder...

That class photographs will be taken on Monday. It is the final one for this class wink so let's make sure that we all arrive in uniform, ready with our best poses. smiley

Outdoor learning

Since the sun has finally arrived, we thought that we would make the most of it and get outside for our maths lessons. Here, you can see our learning around graphs and charts. Initially, we created a human bar chart then converted our data to a pie chart. Mr Perriman helped us to separate our categories and we then worked out the percentages and values of each section.


It was lovely to take our learning outside and we hope that we will be able to do this frequently in coming weeks.


Enjoy your sunny weekend! 

Congratulations to Alice!

We are all very proud of Alice who became our second Governors' Award winner this year. Alice is a deserving winner and it was lovely to see the faces of all of the children in the class when they realised who had won. They were so pleased for her and all agreed that she thoroughly deserves it.   Alice was the only one who, "Couldn't believe it!!!" smiley


Well done, Alice. What a lovely way to end the spring term.

Easter Study Groups

Thank you all for your responses. We are getting really excited about our study club. The club will run every day from 10.00 to 11.30 during the second week of the Easter break, as this was the most popular choice.


It will be a non-uniform week - we will look at an array of study areas to meet the specific needs of each child and will have music and snacks to keep us going.


Mrs Macdonald and Mrs Dring look forward to seeing many of you there. smiley

Congratulations to our footballers

The year 6 football team made Mr Scully proud with their impressive performance at their football competition this week. Each of the children played an important part in their success but Gemma Fairall was given a special mention for setting up the winning goal.


Well done! We wish you luck in your matches next week.  

Evolution of dance - Our PE unit (March 2018)

We are absolutely loving our PE unit. We have learnt so much about dance and how it is changed throughout the last century. We've learnt the Lindy Hop, the Jive, the Twist and a whole host of others. We are now up to the 1980s and are finally learning break dancing. Take a look at the video that inspired us. Which is your favourite?

World Book Day 2018

Thank you for your ingenious ideas and enthusiasm. We had a super day and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The snow made the whole experience even more surreal than usual. We based our day on Goldilocks as requested by year 6. We wrote character descriptions, dramatised scenes and considered alternative endings (where the 'villainous' Goldilocks got her 'comeuppance'. smiley


Below are a selection of photographs from today. We hope that you enjoy them. The costumes really were outstanding and you can really see the children's engagement.

World Book Day 2018 - February 2018

The Week Ahead

In Maths:  we are calculating fractions (X/+-) 

In English: we are continuing with our poetry unit. We are using figurative language to engage the reader and create emotive responses

Spellings: temperature, thorough, twelfth, variety, vegetable, vehicle and yacht 



Goodbye to Ritesh - January 2018

We were really sad to say goodbye to Ritesh. We saw him off with a big bang. He promises to stay in touch and we cannot wait to hear how he has settled in.


Indoor Athletics - January 2018

Sports Afternoon

Don't forget:

Non-uniform day WEDNESDAY - just bring along your decorated bags for the tombola.


This week's homelearning


In writing, we are looking at Roald Dahl's The Witches. We are exploring the structure and the language features and replicating many of Dahl's authorial devices.

Take a look at Aaron's disgusting description; we love it.  



surprise Look away if you have a nervous disposition surprise


Her very soul is filled to the brim with pure evil and her flaky skin peels away when she creeps up on her victims.  As sinks her maggot-filled gums in, her enormous pus-filled warts pop and pus oozes down her face.


EWW! How horrific.Well done, Aaron. Super adverbials really create a deadly image.

This week's home learning

This week's home learning

National Curriculum Statutory Spellings for Years 5 and 6

Some parents have asked for a recommended reading list for year 6 children. Please take a look at the extensive list below. There are some crackers in there. Bear in mind that we all have different likes and dislikes and that  not all books will be appropriate for all children; take some time to read reviews and synopses before choosing a new book.  HAPPY READING! :)

Reading list for children in year 6

This week's home learning - differentiated

Happy Halloween - Stay Safe

Remember all that we discussed. Be thoughtful of others and consider how Halloween looks to them. Don't forget all of our safety rules too. Take care - it is getting dark very early  now that the clocks have gone back. .

Parent-Teacher Consultations

Thank you for coming in to see me for our first parent-teacher consultations. It was lovely to see so many of you and to share all of the positive information regarding the first half term of year 6. Parent teacher consultation sheets came home on the last day of term and Vipers sheets will come home this week. You will find the VIPERS documents on here too.

VIPERS guidance for reading

Autumn 2

Welcome to Autumn 2. How has that happened so quickly? The children have settled straight back in after their week away and we are all excited about the half term ahead.



Home learning 03.10

Attendance Award

Woo hoo! We are the winners this week with 97% attendance. Keep it up, year 6. Let's continue to set the standard for the school. smiley 


We have started our new term brilliantly and have packed a whole host of activities in to our time together. Already, we have explored a range of genres, compared texts, unpicked key features and learnt how to skim and scan like professionals.

In writing, we have written rich and enchanting folk tales which relate to our Brazilia topic and to creation stories. We are now in the process of writing fact filled recounts all about our amazing escapades on the Isle of Wight. 

You can read our final outcomes when you visit us for Parents' Evening.

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to the year 6 class page. Mrs Dring, Mrs MacDonald, Mr Perriman and all of the children welcome you and hope that you find our page interesting and informative.  We are all excited about the year ahead and the journey that we will take together. Here, we will share our celebrations and keep you posted with our year 6 news; we do hope that  you will visit regularly to keep up to date with our progress.

Archived materials 2016 -2017


September 2016

Welcome to Year 6 – A fantastic hub of active, engaged learning.


What a fantastic (and busy!) year we have in store for us! We are a wonderful group of hard-working, team-playing, fun-loving and super bright individuals who recognise our place at the top of the school and strive to be to outstanding role models. Although only a few of us are chosen to wear a red 'leader's' jumper, we are all committed to supporting and caring for others lower down the school.


We understand that, more than ever, we are active partners in our learning and that our teacher and teaching assistants; Mrs March, Mrs MacDonald, Mr Perriman, Mrs. Penketh and Miss Dring, there to guide and support us in our journey, have high expectations of us all. Learning does not just take place inside a classroom; experiences and opportunities to practice new skills exist everywhere and we enjoy the challenge of finding and using them to help us grow.


We are respected and treasured for who we are and, as a class value honesty, kindness and giving it our all. We trust each other and understand that making mistakes is not only acceptable, but positively encouraged! Being the best we can be stands us in good stead for secondary school and for our lives outside of, and beyond, education.


Why not pop in and see some of the fantastic work we are doing – we’re very proud of our learning!

Hi all - a few technical issues uploading the assembly PowerPoint. I aim to have sorted it by tomorrow, Friday 14th October.



Home Learning W/c 23rd January 2017

Year 6 Autumn Newsletter 2016

Year 6 Topic Web - Check out what we will be learning this term!

October 2016

School Journey - Isle of Wight


Wow! What a fantastic week Year 6 had in the Isle of Wight! There were visits to the planetarium, Alum Bay, a theme park and let's not forget body boarding in a very choppy sea!


The children were fun, cheerful, great company and a real credit to their families - we could have stayed for a fortnight!


Watch this space for a photo album of pictures taken when we were away - if your child has any great ones - please send them via the class email page.


We look forward to sharing more about the trip in next weeks special sharing assembly - Thursday 13th October at 9.15. smiley


The slides from the assembly will be available here from next Thursday.



Wednesday 6th July 2016- Super League Sports Event - Monk's Walk School.


A very big well done to all those Year 6's who, along with others in Year 5, attended the Super League event today. Not only were you competitive, determined and wonderfully well behaved; you showed fantastic sporting prowess and achieved some amazing results. Look out for pictures on the learning blog.


Please don't forget to get involved in sports clubs and team as you move onto secondary school - our visit from GB athletes earlier in the week showed us that there are no limits to what we can achieve if we have the talent and self belief!


Monday 27th June 2016 A thought- provoking workshop with the nurse looking at the effects of (and pressures around using) drugs. alcohol and smoking.

Crucial Crew - Tuesday 7th June 2016 Some very important messages delivered.

A HUUUUUGE well done to our wonderful Year 6 children who gave it their all and tried their very best during SATS week. You were awesome! We are so proud of you all and couldn't have asked for any more (well apart from saving some of the biscuits for us!)cheeky 


The Lion King - Backing track for 'In the Jungle' - sorry Parents/Carers!

Elton_John_Can_You_Feel_The_Love_Tonight no vocal.mp3

The Lion King - Backing track (not final edit!) of 'The Circle of Life'

Remember we are practicing pitch - be ready to share your brilliance after Half Term - I will be practicing too, Love Mrs March



Hi everyone! As we all know SATS are approaching! In class we have been enjoying preparing for these assessments and are working hard to be ready and confident in our abilities.


Your child is working really hard at school and as a group they have become great independent learners; aware of the areas that they need to work on to be the most prepared for SATS. Please encourage them to spend a few minutes a day on spelling, times tables and any other area that they feel they need to focus on.


I have added a link to bbc bitesize revision which offers lots of practice games and tutorials and there are loads more online.


Please - if possible - resist the temptation to download sample or past papers for your child as we are using these carefully in class as teaching aids.


Some parents have asked about additional pre or post school workshops - we feel that working our socks off in our daily lessons and practicing key skills for short amounts of time at home will more than equip your  child to shine and show their amazing talents!


SATS - Bring it on!!!



Isle of WIght Assembly powerpoint



Archive 2014-15 - What a fantastic year!!


Tuesday 19th May 2015 The Piano - Amazing Short - Animation by Aidan Gibbons, Music by Yann Tiersen

The Piano - You may want to re watch this for your writing home learning task; remember to consider the subtlety of the flashbacks and how these changes are conveyed to the audience.

Summer Newsletter - see what we're getting up to!

SATs Preparation


With the days till SATs rapidly ticking down, we are busy working hard to prepare ourselves for the challenge of the weeks ahead.

Our positive and determined approach has seen us make great strides and pushing ourselves has been more fun than we thought it could be!mail


The children are rightly very proud of their successes; for any tips in how to continue supporting them with their learning please pop in for a chat.

Enrichment visit from Ark Farm - Wednesday 22nd April


The children enjoyed a fantastic session with the very experienced folk from Ark Farm this week. Not only did we learn more about animal classification and heartbeat/size correlation we loved having the chance to get up close and pet the animals. Yes, even in Year 6 cuddling a kid (baby goat) is great fun! As for those gorgeous pigsheart... it was difficult not to smuggle them out and make them our class pets! (We're not sure what Mr Craven would think!)


Look out for loads of pictures on the Homerswood learning blog.

Studying the Solar Eclipse (well trying to!) - Friday 20th March.

Wednesday 18th March - Author workshop and library visit at Campus West. Piers Torday - FANTASTIC!

Thursday 26th February - Badminton - We're getting 'rally' good now! A great morning of sport and lots of talent spotted

Wednesday 25th February 2015


What a great afternoon! We were treated to a half day of sports and music enrichment by the very talented teachers and young leaders from Monk's Walk School

The children got to practice several sports and even learnt how to jam like a rock band with their guitars no

Many thanks to all involved (photos to follow)

Poetry Em-otion! Instead of being distracted by recent snow, we used it as a stimulus to write some fantastic poetry. Here's us at our ideas stage!

Mathletic sign in - as requested ;-)

Us! Happy, having fun...

Our Class; the promises we made to each other...

Indoor Athletics at Gosling - 14th January 2015 - A fantastic, competitive performance.

Isle of Wight Pictures! Such fantastic, lifelong memories made!

Our Current Wheel - 'Cool Cubes' based on the Worldwide phenomenon 'Minecraft' - please do take a few moments to check out what we will be learning this term


YEAR 6 Archive 2013-4 (what fantastic learning experiences!)


noGeneration Green no


Big news...


We are in the final 6 for the Generation Green Eco Competition.  We will be busting our moves on Pavegen Tiles with the aim of generating the most energy.  To top it all off , we have the chance of winning a £150,000 makeover for the school and the judges will be none other than ....DIVERSITY.  Excited does not even touch how we are all feeling.  


Please wish us luck! laugh



Today, we were lucky enough to have Tomas Simon from Dance Fusion in to help to sharpen up our piece in preparation for Thursday.  Tomas really put us through our paces and taught us lots of new moves.  We worked really hard and all of the teachers were really impressed.

Tomas is a very talented choreographer who has worked with many famous names including Mariah Carey, Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston.

laugh How lucky are we? laugh

Music for Thursday

Generation Green Updates 



to Naomi Czuba from Kids Can Dance in London Colney who has been

in to help us out with our dance.  We can't believe how much you taught us in just a few hours.  You are fabulous! 



to Sarah from John Lewis who helped us greatly with our bandanas. What a superstar! 



We were so proud of you all today.  What a group of superstars.  

The whole class acted impeccably and the dancers rocked the house!

We are all very, very happy and proud of you.


Mrs Dring, Mrs MacDonald and Mr Perriman



Making lava lamps - discussing density and carbon dioxide production