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Year 6

laugh Welcome to Year 6 laugh

Our class team consists of Miss Garoghan and Miss Williams.

We are excited to begin the final adventure in your journey which will be full of so many opportunities and fun. There will be some hard work and tough times alongside some wonderful times that will stay in our memories for a long time. 
Keep up to date on Google classroom for weekly home learning, as well as extra SATS support.
Lets be brave, stay curious and discover.

How many of these books can you read this year?

Here is the presentation from the evening briefing regarding SATS week:

Explore our timetable and newsletter for this term:



World Cultural and Diversity day

Showing off our STEM skills with the Knex challenge!

I am so proud of the whole class for SATS week and beyond! This week has been a mixture of geography exploring sustainability, PE practising shot-put and English writing letters to Year 5!

Not only have the children shown resilience and brilliance in their SATS this week, we have explored 20th century music genres, tried some athletics and practised sewing techniques.

Our unit on tennis has started this half term, we got to grips with the tennis racket and showed off our ‘tap up’ skills, progressing to small ‘rally’s’ over a net. Thank you Mrs Robinson!

Starting off our new light topic in Science with exploring how light travels.




Steve Frew’s visit with a hard circuit we had to complete!

Observing gummy bears over time and hockey in PE!

In Art we were finishing our photography unit exploring Chuck Close photorealism and in Maths we have been using manipulatives to create linear sequences.

Science week!

We were lucky to visit Monk’s Walk science department to dissect a heart to support our knowledge and understanding in our circulatory system topic

Art using photography and digital editing.

World Book Day - our last at Homerswood!

Netball has definitely been a highlight this half term already! We are already using our skills and knowledge in game situations

Back from half term with tag rugby and netball in PE, World War 2 in French and battleships games to practise are use of coordinates in Maths!

An update on our French, DT and PE!

In Music, we have been exploring key vocabulary: this week we explored different textures. Paige and Ruby also showed us their keyboard piece!

Year 6 have put a lot of hard work into achieving all of their targets in their narrative writing.

We started our football sequence with practicing different ways of dribbling, and all had a go at attacking and defending.

Our first science lesson consisted of exploring electrical components, diagrams and symbols - extending our prior Year 4 knowledge.



Autumn Term:

Our last Christmas dinner at Homerswood!

We linked our history curriculum of the Mayas to our artwork today to create a piece inspired by chiaroscuro.

To remind ourselves of what qualities a friend should have and what we want to be in a friend, we create a friendship wreath.

Maths week, anti-bullying week and Parliament week... it has been a busy one!

We used our drama skills to role play a dialogue from an illustration in our class text The Night of the Gargoyles to support our writing.

We made our own prototype playgrounds in D&T using various materials to consider the structure but also safety aspects!

Year 6 met their Reception buddies to share a story together.

In our science unit, Evolution and Inheritance, we have been investigating Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection by imagining why the finishes beaks might evolve dependent on the food they need to eat to survive. We also started our new DT unit, planning what our own playgrounds could look like!

A running festival, a TAP event and an athletics events among some wonderful learning this week! We particularly enjoyed using our research skills in Science using secondary resources to find out about selective breeding.

A highlight of the week was playing a place value game, using dice to organise digits to create the greatest value integer up to 10 million.