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Year 6

Hello and welcome to our year six class page. We are the class of 2021 and we are so happy that you are visiting our page.

In year six, we strive to lead by example and we take great pride in all aspects of our learning. We work hard to achieve our goals and we recognise the opportunities within challenges.

We are excited to be the role models of younger students and we take this responsibility seriously.  As well as additional responsibilities and expectations, we earn additional privileges – our classroom is a democratic one and we are pro-active in making decisions about our own learning. We all want to do our very best and to achieve this, we confer with our teachers and recognise our areas for development.  Importantly, we can identify our next steps and the actions that we need to take to make good progress.

We hope that you will continue to visit our page – we are looking forward to sharing our learning journey with you.

With best wishes,

Year 6




Year 6 2022 - what an amazing group of young people who are so ready for their exciting new steps. We are very proud of their growth and achievements and wish them all the luck in the world as they spread their wings.


Celebrating me - congratulations to all of our award winners.


Huge congratulations to our very deserving winner of the Governors' Award 2022.


Year 6 celebrate their journey through Homerswood. Many thanks to Selina and the amazing St Johns team who made us feel very welcome as always.


MATHS ENTERPRISE MARKET RESEARCH - from design to market research and production. Great job, year 6! Over £200 in profits. What a team.



Year 6 are completing a maths enterprise unit of learning. The children will be designing, marketing, making and selling a product with an aim to recoup expenses and make a profit. The children must choose 3 possible products then select one after spending time discussing ideas and investigating their viability.  The children will be given £1 each to invest. Whatever they make, once they have repaid the initial investment, they can keep. Unsurprisingly, It appears to be an amazing incentive for success. We shall keep you posted on our progress. 


The children did an amazing job; they made huge efforts and worked so hard to create their masterpieces. They sold their wares all week and came out with over £250 profit. Thank you to all of the parents who helped them to create their products.


What an amazing (and hot!) time we all had for FUDGE morning. An enormous game of rounders followed by recreating famous artworks in our own style.


An amazing trip to Ridgeway this week for the district archery tournament. A terrific result with our boys and girls coming in third place - medals all round!


Year 6 have enjoyed learning all about gargoyles. Check out one of our lovely children who spotted one while out and about!


SATS week celebrations - playing in the park and over to the town for a library visit and McDonalds. Very well deserved treats.

Year 6 are shining bright like the superstars they are. They are using SATS week as an opportunity to show just how far they have come and just how much they can do. We are very proud of their achievements and positivity. They truly are superb role models.


SATS week

Whoop whoop...just days to go until we begin our long awaited SATs week. As always, the children have been working their socks off and hopefully, they are looking forward to a week of fun as they demonstrate their brilliance. Below, you can find details of the SATs paper timetable which shows which tests are taken each day.  

SATs timetable 2022



Congratulations to Jack, who is our ***Star of the Week*** this week.


Jack says...


In maths this week, we have been learning all about ratio and proportion. We found the easiest way to do this was to draw a bar model to support us in finding the right answer. 

In English, we have been learning all about 'The Highwayman' and we picked out vocabulary. We then looked for similes, hyperbole, alliteration, personification, onomatopoeia and oxymoron.



If you're looking for your next top read, check out this list of recommended books for year 6.

A fabulous PE session today all about team-work.

Congratulations to ten of our year 6 boys who attended a football tournament at Ridgeway this morning. They made us all very proud and showed themselves to be superb representatives of Homerswood. Well done boys!



This week, Salvador is our year 6 Star of the Week!

Salvador says....


In maths this week we have been learning all about angles and in English we have been finishing and writing up our horror stories. We then got to type it up as neat.

In PE, we have been practising our football skills. Some of us will be going to Ridgeway for a competition, I feel confident about it!

Today I got star of the week, I have 32 shooting stars in total AND I got my best score yet in my arithmetic test! It has been a good day!


Well done Salvador - we are proud of all your achievements.



Congratulations to our year 6 star of the week... Freddie!

Freddie says...


In maths this week we were learning about area and perimeter. We investigated whether the area and perimeter of a shape can be the same, its turns out that we found an square that had the perimeter of 16cm and an area of 16cm squared.

This week in science we have been learning about electrical circuits and how they work. An open switch does not allow the current to flow through, where as a closed switch allows the current to flow through.

On Thursday 3rd March, it was World Book day. All of year 6 had a great time! We played a quiz, read lots of books and year 2 visited us to read a book together.

In English this week we have been planning and starting to write a horror story. We have been trying to make it as dramatic as we can so we had several different word banks and used the vocabulary in sentences.


Well done Freddie - an amazing write-up of a super week!



Our Star of the Week this week is...



This week I enjoyed 'Twosday' (22.2.22) as we had computing and we also had two minutes to say as many things we could about the number two! On Thursday we were brought in sweets which we had to make an electrical circuit for science with. We also did netball for PE. I liked reading Skellig for our whole class reading. 


Well done Oscar - a well deserved star of the week!



Our Star of the Week is Henry!


Henry says...

I am pleased to be star of the week this week! This week, we have been learning about algebraic equations, they were quite easy. In history we have continued learning about the Mayans. Rugby was fun but I got covered in mud!

Design and technology was my favourite part of the week where we used hacksaws to cut up some wood and I am looking forward to having another lesson on it so I can continue.

Congratulations to our star of the week, Charlotte.


Charlotte says...


I enjoyed this week. On Monday we finished our Russian folk tales and it was enjoyable. We did PE this week which was football and it was a mixture of fun and tiring. We have been looking at 3D shapes and algebra plus I did a memory game, I enjoyed it. We did singing today - it hurt my voice because I sang so much! I am proud of my reading. 

Newsletter - welcome back


Happy new year and a big welcome back!

Firstly, the team would like to offer heart-felt thanks for your lovely messages, cards and gifts - we really appreciate your generosity and ongoing kindness. 

We hope that you and your families had the most wonderful of breaks.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the children back and to continuing with our learning. We have an action-packed term ahead, including learning about the Maya in history and all about light in science. Our class texts this term will include the wonderful Skellig by David Almond which are looking forward to sharing and exploring with the children.

As always, you can reach us at the class email :

This is checked daily but if you need to reach out immediately, feel free to contact the office and we will get back to you at our first opportunity. 

We look forward to working with you to ensure that your children have a happy and prosperous spring term. 

Very best wishes,

Mrs Dring, Miss Allen and Mrs McHutchison



In year 6, we have been examining mushrooms and deciding why they are not plants. We conducted an overnight experiment, leaving mushrooms gill side down to experience the sporing that takes place in order for mushrooms to reproduce. We had lots of fun and were very impressed with the spore pattern outcomes..


Congratulations to our star of the week...

 blush Mia smiley

who has shown an amazing increase in confidence


Mia says...

This week in English, we have been learning about fronted adverbials and semicolons. I learnt a lot!

In maths, we have been learning about fractions and converting them so they have the same denominator.

In PE, we did the samba - it was very hard and complicated.

I have enjoyed dressing up in fancy clothes for fancy clothes Friday - it is nice to raise money for charity.


Congratulations to our star of the week...

 blush Ollie smiley


Ollie, our star of the week, shares his experiences of learning this week:


This week, in English, we have been writing all about a clip we watched called 'Beyond the Lines'. We wrote flashbacks for a grandpa about the war. For Remembrance Day, we recited the poem, 'In Flanders Fields' which we then wrote and decorated beautifully. 


Art is my favourite subject; we have been planning and making playgrounds this week - there were a few rules we had to stick to whilst making them. When I made mine, I decided to theme it around castles. It was really fun.


Every Friday, for maths, we do these arithmetic test papers and the main aim is to build our skills and do better with each test as the weeks go by. Sometimes, you go up by 1 and sometimes you go up by 10! Today, when I did mine, I made a huge jump from a score of 29 last week, to 37 out of 40 this week which is an 8 mark jump. It made me cry with pride! 


A note from Mrs Dring, Miss Allen and Mrs McHutchison

We cried with pride too, Ollie. We are so proud of your hard work and your amazing learning ethics. What a superstar you are!


Congratulations to our star of the week...

 blush Beck smiley


Beck, our star of the week, shares his experiences of learning this week:


This week has been fantastic! I have learnt a few new things such as how to divide fractions and we have just begun learning to play the ukulele!

No Pens Day Wednesday was good. I missed doing things with handwriting but it was fun and it did make all the learning quicker as well as us covering more learning in the time we had!

 Clubs have been absolutely amazing - I've loved getting them back. Debating club was so fun and DIY was great - I think I will learn so much. Also, choir has been great - I have loved getting back to singing. 

Maths has been challenging my mind which has been fantastic. 

I've loved learning how to blog - I never knew it was on purple mash so that was good to know.



VOTES FOR SCHOOLS - Making our voices heard.


In response to Mrs Shirley's question, "What are YOU passionate about?" we discussed current affairs; one key theme came through loud  and clear - the children are concerned about and confused by the environmental impact of electric cars. They wanted to know what would happen to all of the old diesel and petrol cars, how long the new batteries will take to decompose, how much energy and transport is needed to create an electric car...they had so many relevant questions.

We have decided to find out more and, after half term, we will launch a research project with different research teams exploring and searching for answers to key questions such as those above. We will use the information to write for purpose - depending on our findings, this might include writing reports and formal letters - who knows where this learning will take us?



The entire class were awarded stars of the week this week. They showed fabulous maturity during their residential trip and on their return, demonstrated amazing resilience and adaptive traits. 

Oli summarises the amazing residential week for us:


'Our school trip was better than anything that I have ever done before! On Monday, we got here and we had our lunch then headed to the beach where we played for hours in the sand. On Tuesday, we had some fun in the morning and did some AMAZING rock climbing above the sea. We got to scale up cliffs and hills and it was SO fun. 

On Wednesday, we went in to the woods to do some fire lighting and archery. At the end of the day, we made doughnuts which we cooked on the fire. On Thursday, we had the BEST day in the sea: bodyboarding, swimming and splashing. Just AMAZING. On Friday, we had a short day at the beach before heading home. What a trip.'


Next, Koi talks about our return:


'I really enjoyed this week in school. After a week away, we still had lots of fun going on walks at break and lunchtimes. We learnt all about Black History Month. We watched Benjamin Zephaniah reciting his poetry and we learnt about significant people. We even had some hot chocolate to keep the chilly weather at bay. '


Year 6 go wild in Bournemouth - Residential Holiday September 2021


Congratulations to our star of the week…

***    Henry   ***


A round up of our week from our star of the week, Henry.

I have had an awesome week and have really liked it!  We have been writing postcards about going to a zoo. I was really interested in it and i really wanted to keep writing as there was so much I could add - I stayed in at lunchtime and did extra because it was so fun!

In maths we have been rounding and looking at multiplying and dividing by powers of 10. It made me feel happy as I got most of them correct.

I loved the art - we have been writing in graffiti style, it was really cool because the way that it came together at the end was really great.

We have been learning about classification in science and got to go outside and look at bugs through the magnifying glasses. It was so much fun.

Music was fun - I really like it a lot, I liked learning the beats and the rhythms.




Classifying living things - exploring our local area


Congratulations to our star of the week…

***    Crystall   ***


Our star of the week, Crystall, shares her thoughts and feeling about our very first week in year 6.

Although I was nervous to start Year 6, it's been really amazing! We have been learning place value in maths which has gone really well and we have made Mrs Dring really happy.

In English, we read a book called 'And Tango Makes Three' and we recreated the story. It was tricky but we managed it. Then we visited the zoo... online. We picked five animals to visit then we wrote to our family members to tell them about our trips.

Geography was tricky but we persisted and got there in the end - we are excited to find out about the Amazon!


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