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Year 6

Whoop whoop - what a fabulous way to end our year together. We are so very proud of each and every one of you. Now is your chance to shine even brighter, like the true stars you are. Have an amazing summer. 


To all of our Y6 families and friends.

Thank you for all of the amazingly kind words, cards and gifts. We are so humbled and thankful. Have an amazing summer. 

With very best wishes, 

Mrs Dring and Miss Allen


A special message for year 6

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Our turn - a guide to source code editing

Coding Day 

Today, year 6 were visited by Mr Santos, who told us all about his coding career. We learnt about the development of technologies as his took us through his journey from his first interactions with coding which started when he was just 10 (and around the same age as year 6).

The children loved learning about the world of coding and were particularly impressed with the games that Mr Santos' daughter created. They are certainly feeling very inspired about that.  

We would like to thank Mr Santos for spending his time with our class. We learnt a lot and - who knows - perhaps one of the coders of the future is sit within these tables. 


Today, in English, we have been looking at the forms of past tense. We used the past perfect form to become Timelords and create memories and flashbacks. Here are some wonderful examples from in class, based on the story of Red Riding Hood. They aren't the chirpiest of flashbacks but they are very effective. 


As the big bad wolf lay dying from his wounds, he thought back to the dreadful decisions that he had made. If only he had not been so greedy- he would still be skulking in the woods. If only he had not followed that Red Riding Hood. 

By Thomas


As the BBW lay dying from his wounds, he thought back to that dreadful moment that led him to his demise. If only he hadn't been so greedy and gobbled up that granny. 

By Alex


The BBW lay, his life ebbing away. He thought back to the disastrous decisions that led him here. If only he hadn't followed the girl. If only he had thought with his head and not his stomach.

By Hazel 



LIFE SKILLS Today in 'life skills' the children looked at various jobs within society. Firstly, they ordered the jobs from least to most important to society and then they thought about the order of pay grade. There was a great deal of discussion and debate about which jobs earn the most in comparison to how valuable they are to us as a community. The children showed great maturity and insight, especially when they had to order the jobs according to who they thought SHOULD be paid the highest salary. We can't wait to see which careers they forge for themselves!


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Its is wonderful to see all of the home learning that the Year 6 children have been producing. We were blown away by this video all about 'volume'. Well done to all the children for submitting high quality learning such as this...

Today in Maths, the children have been looking at pie charts. In order to visualise the representation of a pie chart, we went outside and the children ordered themselves into groups according to how many siblings they have. After, they formed a circle showing the degrees that would represent them divided between string. A marvellous piece of learning from all the children!

Look at this amazing writing from Hazel. Forget gold standard level....this is published author level. It gave us goosebumps!


The woman said her farewell to the man and strode down the street, with her head held high. Suddenly her vision faltered as she was thrown into darkness. But she kept walking ; not noticing the figure that slunk out of the shadows behind her. The lady, oblivious, kept walking down the path until.. Was that a second pair of feet? 

She glanced around to see a narrow lamp post illuminating her path. A thought struck her. Wasn't that back there? Her stomach felt like a pit of writhing vipers filling her with fear. Feeling lightheaded, the woman set off again, her heart beating triple speed, before breaking into a run.   

smiley Congratulations to our star of the week - Emily smiley

Emily has been a friend to all - assisting others in their learning and showing great determination and high standards in her own learning. Well done Emily. 

Spring 2021


Welcome to the new term and a very happy new year to you all.

We are looking forward to the term ahead and cannot wait to see where our learning journey takes us.


Autumn 2020

Welcome to our classroom - we are very pleased to have you here with us as we embark upon our learning journey..

Here, we will share news, events and details of our learning. We update our learning page each week so do pop along regularly to keep up to date with us.

Happy new academic year - it is going to be a good one!


Week commencing 30th November 2020

A note from our star of the week – Priya

This week we have been looking at Iceland for our ‘One World Week’. We looked at volcanoes and right at the start we wrote questions about what we wanted to know about Iceland then found the answers. We also learnt how to plot coordinates and found different places from the Earth (like the equator). But my favourite part was dressing up like elves on Friday!


A note from Mrs Dring

We have had another fabulous week – not least because of the children’s amazing attitudes towards learning. It is no mean feat to stay focused as the decorations go up and things start to get a lot more Christmassy – I really have been very impressed. This week, our attendance was much higher too which is very exciting. Well done guys.


We have certainly learnt a lot in geography. We have been looking at longitude and latitude and the different poles and tropics. We have been very surprised by some of the volcano facts we have found too. Did you know that there are 9 extinct volcanoes scattered around the UK. We didn’t. We do now. ๐Ÿ˜Š



* Congratulations to Priya – our star of the week *

Priya was awarded our star for her brilliant community spirit and for being such a proactive learner.

Well done Priya!

Week Commencing 16th November


Congratulations to our very deserving star of the week - Lucy. 

What a wonderful role model you are x


* A note from our star of the week – Lucy *

This week we have been learning about Black History and have made clay statues to represent Black History. We have also learnt about clauses in English and finding the lowest common multiple in maths. The thing I have enjoyed the most is making and designing the clay models; I made a fist to represent the Black Lives Matter movement.


A response from Mrs Dring

I have thoroughly enjoyed our learning this week – it was so powerful and emotional (some may have noticed that I shed a little tear). You all demonstrated such empathy and maturity when we learnt about a very special little girl – Ruby Bridges. Your statues are amazing and show how much we have all learnt about equity and the importance of change. I am very proud.

Why not have a go at chair drumming? We love it!

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Week commencing 9th November 2020

We have learnt so much in year 6 this week - teachers included!

We looked at the Earth, building on from our learning in year 5, and learnt all about the layers of the Earth as well as the atmospheric areas around us, from the troposphere to the exosphere. We continued to look at Black History and focused on significant black individuals throughout history. Along the way, we learnt about 'Cheddar Man' whose skeletal remains provided the earliest evidence of black presence in the UK, and met John Blanke, a renowned trumpeter to King Henry's court. We also had great fun learning some Bhangra moves which we can utilise next week on the last day of the Diwali festival.


A further word from our star of the week, Thomas…

We loved the Bhangra dancing, it was really fun to do.  Maths was really challenging this week, but we got through it and learnt a lot. I was amazed to be chosen for star of the week but very happy at the same time.

* Congratulations to our star of the week, Thomas G, who showed increased resilience and determination in his learning and who led the way during our amazing Bhangra dancing sessions. *

Bhangra Dancing

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After just one session, and lots of practice, look what we have achieved. Well done to these superstars who use our early morning time to perfect their moves.

Our amazing writing and some very proud children

Amazing Gold Standard Writing from Priya

A note from our star of the week - Fleur

During the past week, we have been doing multiple exciting lessons. We have made slide shows/adverts of Caribbean islands on google slides, persuading customers ‘seeking a holiday’ to go to our island. In science we have been doing practical experiments about fungi. The practical experiment was peeling off the skin of a (non poisonous) mushroom, waiting 24 hours, then spores came out onto paper making a cool pattern. There were also many more fun lessons!


A note from Mrs Dring

I agree, has been an exciting week. I am really enjoying watching the presentations - you guys have done an amazing job. I have been so impressed with the attitudes and learning behaviours displayed this week - what a wonderful week it has been. 


* Congratulations to our star of the week – Fleur *


Monday 19th October 2020

WALT: use a variety of sentences for effect

Have a look at some wonderful examples of writing from our lessons today. We were aiming to vary our sentence lengths and types - we aimed to include single clause and multi clause sentences and used colour coding to help us.


The wisp pranced around the cloudy, dark sky. The man lifted his voice and his arms, while his voice echoed through the air. A growing tide of memories splashed and circles in the shimmering clear sea. Idris smiled. By Chloe B


The sapphire wisp shined with tiny amethyst particles as it elegantly danced, leaving a trail of cerulean stripes. It travelled beyond the smiling and laughing people of the foggy restrictions. The ancient man lifted his bush of silver hair and slowly beautiful music filled the night sky. A towering tide of memories tapped on the breeze and splashed the seafoam seas. By Fleur


The wisp shined in the dark scary sky. The man raised his lovely arms and sang really loud. A growing tide of rememberings danced in the breeze and splashed in the shimmering cyan waters. He smiled. By Katelyn.


The wisp fluttered in the midnight sky. The young man flapped his arms up and laughter filled the air. A shimmering ocean full of memories fidgeted in the warm breeze and splashed in the glittering azure sea. He chuckled.  By Olivia.

Ronnie, our star of the week, recaps our learning this week.


In maths, we continued to look at place value and practiced multiplying and dividing by powers of 10 in a range of different ways. We also celebrated World Maths Day. We had a whole day of maths and we celebrated by:

  • Puzzle solving
  • Game making
  • Completing Miss Kettle’s challenges


In English, we have been looking at Wisp by Zana Fraillon. We thought about what we liked and didn’t like about the text. We also asked questions based on what we had read. We looked at the themes of the story and looked at the author’s intentions and impact on the reader. We like the book – it is like a picture book and there are not many pages but it has grown up themes like loneliness, hope and memories.


Each week, we have an artist of the week. This month, we are linking it with Black History Month. Our first artist was Aretha Franklin. We learnt that she is a famous singer who died just a few years ago. She had 5 siblings and 4 children. She was the first woman to be inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She taught herself to play the piano and she couldn’t even read music.

In addition, we have been learning about the lives of refugees around the world because we realised that we don’t know very much about refugees. We met refugees from across Europe, Africa and Asia and we plotted their journeys on a map. We thought about what we have to be thankful for… a roof over our heads, warm blankets, clean water, a permanent home, friends and family.

*Congratulations to our star of the week.. Ronnie *

Dalila’s ‘star of the week’ recap!


This week in English, we completed the four weeks that we have spent preparing a story around the book Tuesday. We then bordered and decorated it for other year groups. I liked it when I struggled in maths but got there in the end! We have also looked at Black History Month. I enjoyed it when we talked about what African, American and British Black people went through and their struggles.


A note from Mrs Dring

It has been another busy week and the children have continued to work their socks off. We are really enjoying our new topic, Black History, and we are all looking forward to learning more. Well done to really did show great determination and resilience when you found your learning challenging - hence the award. Well done to you!


laugh Congratulations to our star of the week, Delila laugh

Week commencing 28th September 2020

Our star of the week, Emily, reviews our week...

This week, in year 6, we had our sharing assembly. This was on Microsoft teams. We shared all of the things that we have done since we returned to school. Also, this week, our headteacher, (Mrs Shirley) came to see if we were settling in. We showed her an English lesson, based on emotions.

On Monday, we went to the church to have our harvest festival. It was nice to see Father Rob and the beautiful glass windows at the church. There were a few readings from people in years 5 and 6 and we shared a long poster about world hunger. Finally, we shared our signing of "Let's Harvest!" It was all very fun. 


A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you for your review, Emily. We certainly have had an action packed week. Miss Allen and I have been so proud of the whole class. Mrs Shirley was also very impressed with your engagement and energy. You blew her away with your amazing vocabulary and ideas. What a fabulous end to our first month together. We are so excited about what we are going to achieve together this year. Go team Hockney! broken heart

Congratulations to our 3rd star of the week

* Emily *

who gained the award for her exemplary behaviour and learning behaviour each and every day. Emily is self-motivated and enthusiastic in every single lesson. She is a shining example of year 6 and a super duper role model.

Well done Emily. 

Harvest Festival - 28th September 2020

Today, we headed to St.John's Church for our harvest festival. Year 6 shared their recent learning which was all based around global poverty and hunger. The children each created an informative piece, sharing all of the information that they had collected during our two days of learning. The children were particularly interested in waste and decided to look at their own food waste at home. We have had some wonderful conversations around the subject and, today,  it was amazing to hear them confidently sharing their thoughts and feelings on the matter.  Father Rob was so impressed with their learning that he has decided to use it as a display in church.

In addition to our PSHE learning, the children shared their super signing, which they are looking forward to sharing with you at our sharing assembly on Wednesday. We hope to see many of you online then. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy seeing our photographs. As you can see, one of us got to ring the church bells to let everyone know that something very special was taking place. He did a fabulous job and impressed us all with his timing. We hope that some of you may have heard the bells. That was us and it was the perfect ending to a lovely afternoon. 


Harvest Festival

Week 3 - Week commencing 21st September 2020

Dalila shares her week

This week, in English, we continued to look at the book Tuesday. We made notes of the points of view of the frogs as they observed the humans. We were practically David Attentoad', the toady version of David Attenborough. We also wrote a police report about the 'incident'.

In maths, we learnt about negative numbers and rounding. We spoke about bank accounts and the use of overdrafts to look at negative numbers in context. 

In PE, we measured our own fitness levels with our take on HIIT training and running. We measured the number of repetitions in 30 seconds and we are aiming to improve on our own scores. My legs ached for the rest of the week but it was worth it. 

We have been busily preparing for our harvest festival next week. We have been creating posters and information texts about world hunger. 

We look forward to sharing our learning with you at our sharing assembly next week.

A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you Delila. It certainly has been an action packed week. We are loving the focus book and have had some wonderful learning outcomes. I hope that you are all feeling proud of yourselves...the quality of learning is absolutely fabulous. Miss Allen and I cannot wait to see what next week brings smiley

Congratulations to our second star of the week:

* Theo *

who received the reward for his amazing positive attitude and engagement.

Theo has taking such pride in his learning and demonstrates our year 6 standards every day. He starts and ends the day with a smile and is such a good friend to all.

Well done Theo - we are so lucky to have you - you make our week so much sunnier! :) 

Our second week - an overview by our star of the week, Theo 

Our lessons this week were:

Art: we used water-colours to try to match some of Hockney's work

Topic: we wrote and drew images about WGC 100th year. We wrote things we knew about WGC as well.

Maths: we read, wrote, ordered and compared numbers up to tens of millions

English: our topic for English was the awesome pic book, Tuesday by David Weisner. Also we are writing poems about ponds.

So, there was our week (Me? I really enjoyed it!) Our assembly was also really fun with it being virtual. more Because we can't sing, we are learning to sing in sign language. 

Hope you enjoyed our week.

Bye, Theo.  

A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you, Theo, for that lovely overview. We sure have had an action packed week which ended with a fabulous rounders match in the sunshine. The children have really found their feet this week and we are working well within the year 6 curriculum already. No mean feat and something to be exceptionally proud of. The children loved the poetry unit...apparently they didnt know that they were such fabulous poets. ๐Ÿค—

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Dont forget that our new times are 9.05 to 3.25 ๐Ÿ˜„

Whole class reading- new frog identified in Southern India

Our first week - week ending 11th September 2020

An overview by our star of the week, Hazel 

In year 6 this week, we have been looking at our class artist, David Hockney. We have all been completing a double page spread with facts about this well-known artist. We also enjoyed drawing sunrises and looking at pattern.

At the end of the day, everyone was on the edge of their seats reading our new class book, Phoenix!

Finally, we are learning the cup song in music with Mrs Cain. I hope that you enjoyed reading about our week.


A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you Hazel for this lovely summary of our week. Miss Allen and I have been really impressed with the whole class and we have been especially impressed with the positive attitudes towards our learning. It was lovely to see the children taking such pride in their double-page spreads which are looking A-MA-ZING! We hope that you and your families have a super weekend and a well-earned break in the sunshine laugh


Congratulations to our very first 20/21 star of the week

* Hazel*

who gained the award for demonstrating a fabulous attitude and 

for taking a pro-active approach in ensuring that everyone is happy at

lunchtimes. In addition, Hazel has really impressed us with her super self-motivation

and great pride in her learning outcomes. 


The Sky is the Limit - our dream occupations (PSHE)

Welcome back