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Year 6

7th September 2020

Welcome to our classroom - we are very pleased to have you with us as we embark upon our learning journey..

Here, we will share news, events and details of our learning. We update our learning page each week so do pop along regularly to keep up to date with us.

Happy new academic year - it is going to be a good one!


Harvest Festival - 28th September 2020

Today, we headed to St.John's Church for our harvest festival. Year 6 shared their recent learning which was all based around global poverty and hunger. The children each created an informative piece, sharing all of the information that they had collected during our two days of learning. The children were particularly interested in waste and decided to look at their own food waste at home. We have had some wonderful conversations around the subject and, today,  it was amazing to hear them confidently sharing their thoughts and feelings on the matter.  Father Rob was so impressed with their learning that he has decided to use it as a display in church.

In addition to our PSHE learning, the children shared their super signing, which they are looking forward to sharing with you at our sharing assembly on Wednesday. We hope to see many of you online then. In the meantime, we hope that you enjoy seeing our photographs. As you can see, Thomas got to ring the church bells to let everyone know that something very special was taking place. He did a fabulous job and impressed us all with his timing. We hope that some of you may have heard the bells. That was us and it was the perfect ending to a lovely afternoon. 


Harvest Festival

Week 3 - Week commencing 21st September 2020

Dalila shares her week

This week, in English, we continued to look at the book Tuesday. We made notes of the points of view of the frogs as they observed the humans. We were practically David Attentoad', the toady version of David Attenborough. We also wrote a police report about the 'incident'.

In maths, we learnt about negative numbers and rounding. We spoke about bank accounts and the use of overdrafts to look at negative numbers in context. 

In PE, we measured our own fitness levels with our take on HIIT training and running. We measured the number of repetitions in 30 seconds and we are aiming to improve on our own scores. My legs ached for the rest of the week but it was worth it. 

We have been busily preparing for our harvest festival next week. We have been creating posters and information texts about world hunger. 

We look forward to sharing our learning with you at our sharing assembly next week.

A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you Delila. It certainly has been an action packed week. We are loving the focus book and have had some wonderful learning outcomes. I hope that you are all feeling proud of yourselves...the quality of learning is absolutely fabulous. Miss Allen and I cannot wait to see what next week brings smiley

Our second week - an overview by our star of the week, Theo Kent

Our lessons this week were:

Art: we used water-colours to try to match some of Hockney's work

Topic: we wrote and drew images about WGC 100th year. We wrote things we knew about WGC as well.

Maths: we read, wrote, ordered and compared numbers up to tens of millions

English: our topic for English was the awesome pic book, Tuesday by David Weisner. Also we are writing poems about ponds.

So, there was our week (Me? I really enjoyed it!) Our assembly was also really fun with it being virtual. more Because we can't sing, we are learning to sing in sign language. 

Hope you enjoyed our week.

Bye, Theo.  

A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you, Theo, for that lovely overview. We sure have had an action packed week which ended with a fabulous rounders match in the sunshine. The children have really found their feet this week and we are working well within the year 6 curriculum already. No mean feat and something to be exceptionally proud of. The children loved the poetry unit...apparently they didnt know that they were such fabulous poets. 🤗

Have a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all on Monday. Dont forget that our new times are 9.05 to 3.25 😄

Whole class reading- new frog identified in Southern India

Our first week - week ending 11th September 2020

An overview by our star of the week, Hazel Rozmus

In year 6 this week, we have been looking at our class artist, David Hockney. We have all been completing a double page spread with facts about this well-known artist. We also enjoyed drawing sunrises and looking at pattern.

At the end of the day, everyone was on the edge of their seats reading our new class book, Phoenix!

Finally, we are learning the cup song in music with Mrs Cain. I hope that you enjoyed reading about our week.


A note from Mrs Dring

Thank you Hazel for this lovely summary of our week. Miss Allen and I have been really impressed with the whole class and we have been especially impressed with the positive attitudes towards our learning. It was lovely to see the children taking such pride in their double-page spreads which are looking A-MA-ZING! We hope that you and your families have a super weekend and a well-earned break in the sunshine laugh


Congratulations to our very first 20/21 star of the week

* Hazel Rozmus *

who gained the award for demonstrating a fabulous attitude and 

for taking a pro-active approach in ensuring that everyone is happy at

lunchtimes. In addition, Hazel has really impressed us with her super self-motivation

and great pride in her learning outcomes. 


The Sky is the Limit - our dream occupations (PSHE)

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