Welcome to Homerswood Primary and Nursery School Summer Term 2023
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Year 5

laugh Welcome to year 5! laugh


Adults: Miss Pattle, Miss Allen (Tues and Thurs morning) and Mrs Harrison (every afternoon)

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Year 5 Timetable

Summer Term

Here are our 3D models that we designed on PurpleMash. We created a net so we could print them and build them to get the full effect of our designs.

We practiced making our own tape measures in Maths. We included cm, m, inches and feet to compare metric with imperial measures.

Congratulations to Ava and Teddie who won our K'Nex challenge. They were tasked to design and make a crane to remove someone's rubbish.

Our amazing chefs cooked their main meal they have planned for the Young Chef of the Year competition. They all produced a delicious and nutritious meal.

Year 5 enjoyed doing their learning in the dining room and library so year 6 could use the classroom. Lovely reading sessions and Maths models being used!

Year 5 completed their MiniPolice scheme with a military march and certificate presentation! Well done everyone.

Spring Term

Preparations for Young Chef of the Year are in full swing, this week children peeled, grated, chopped and diced vegetables to make a healthy and nutritious salad.

What a lovely start to Science Week! We heard from amazing parents and members of the community about how they use Science in their jobs- very inspiring!

Celebrating World Book Day. Always a fun and exciting day!

At Homerswood we are celebrating Children's Mental Health Week. Years 4 and 5 had a workshop together on the impact of being kind.

One of our PE sequences this term has been Handball, we have practiced different types of pass, dribbling, shooting and goalkeeping.

We had a dance and drama workshop from Mimic Stage School

Here are Year 5s reduced scale art galleries in the style of Cai Guo Qiang

We celebrated Chinese New Year with some lantern making and dragon origami- happy year of the rabbit!

Autumn Term

Year 5 completed their yoga sequence with some partner poses, ensuring they use their core muscles to hold different positions.

Year 5 completed their first year 5 footprint: "visit an art gallery" with a visit to Tate Modern! The children then went on to produce their own piece of art inspired by one of the pieces they saw at the gallery.

We enjoyed reading "Cloud Tea Monkeys" by Elspeth Graham and Mal Peet. We were able to purchase some cloud tea to try, the verdict was mixed!

We are practicing short and long multiplication in maths and using playing cards to create our sums.

Year 5 enjoyed creating alternative self portraits in Art by using multi-media to create different effects.

Year 5 did brilliantly at the running event at MonksWalk. They cheered each other on and showed amazing team spirit!

We enjoyed playing a Maths game to explore negative numbers. We saw how you can cross through zero when adding or subtracting numbers

Year 5 were ordering numbers up to a million from smallest to largest. They even spotted the trick number that included some decimal places!

Enjoying our first PE lesson with Premier Sports!

Year 5 had a great first day. We learnt that we all have a connection with someone else in the class. Here is our class web we created.