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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!


We are very excited to welcome you to our Year 5 webpage. This is where we will be sharing any information or photos about events happening throughout the year so please check regularly for any updates.


Following 2 unusual academic years for the children involving remote learning, zoom calls and more, we are hopeful that this year will feel much more "normal" for the children. We will take the invaluable skills they have learnt from this time including resilience and adaptability and continue to develop our pupils and ensure they reach their full potential.


The Year 5 curriculum is engaging and varied and we are sure the children are going to enjoy their learning this year. Some highlights include The Solar System, The Vikings, Computer Coding and making their own stuffed toys! We will be supporting the children with their reading and writing by extending their vocabulary and will focus on daily maths fluency alongside their maths sequences.


As well as an exciting curriculum, year 5 will also have an opportunity to go on a residential trip to Woodrow that they missed last year due to Covid-19. They will also participate in Young Chef Of The Year; a national competition celebrating their culinary skills.


We hope the children enjoy the year as much as we will.

23.6.22 Year 5 are making paper mache volcanoes so they can carry out an experiment on mixing bicarbonate of soda with a mild acid.

17.6.22 It was lovely to celebrate FUDGE day again with all our Fathers, Uncles, Dads, Grandads Etc! We enjoyed a competitive game of rounders followed by monument building!

27.5.22 The whole school enjoyed a Jubilee picnic including cake, singing, dancing and a quiz!

28.4.22 Our new Science topic looks at the changes from babies to adults. Here are some baby photos from our staff members, can you guess who they belong to?

10.3.22 We have been looking at forces in Science; this is year 5 testing out air resistance.

3.3.22 Year 5 enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day and reading to our nursery class!

1.3.22 Year 5 loved competing in the K'nex Challenge! They were tasked with recreating a moving bridge that was 30cm long and had to hold a 50g weight. Well done to our winning pair pictured with their medals!

11.2.22 We practiced recreating art by the artist Magdalene Odundo who specialises in vases.

10.2.22 For Herts Feel Good Week, year 5 enjoyed a yoga session from Happy little Yogis. Here are some of their poses and breathing techniques they practiced.

4.2.22 Year 5 recreated "Gassed" by John Sargent to feel the emotions of how the soldiers would have felt in this piece of art.

20.1.22 We celebrated Mexican's famous "Day of the Dead" by learning about the traditions of the "ofrendas" (offerings to remember their loved ones). These are their sugar skull masks which represent the sweetness of life.

18.1.21 For One World Week, year 5 have chosen to celebrate Mexico and enjoyed tasting some traditional cuisine! They made a Guacamole and Salsa dip from scratch and created their own nachos!

10.11.21 Year 5 combined all their different preparation skills to make their own salads. They grated, shredded, spiralised, julienned and peeled their vegetables to create different effects.

3.12.21 Year 5 were lucky enough to enjoy the lantern making workshop again this year! They enjoyed creating their own lanterns from willow and tissue paper and adding lights in afterwards.

19.11.21 Continuing with our Young Chef of The Year preparations, year 5 experimented with different flavour combinations to make their own smoothies. They chose 1 liquid, 1 vegetable and 3 fruits and the results were delicious!

11.11.21 The class enjoyed a trip to the Tate Britain museum as one of their pathway footprints.

5.11.21 Year 5 enjoyed their first session of Young Chef of the Year. They were practicing peeling and chopping a carrot into slices, batons and dice.

3.11.21 Year 5 loved celebrating no pen day. We took our learning away from our workbooks and used a card game to practice multiplication, some word dice to practice adverbs and did some origami and dance in the afternoon.

21.10.21 Retune Education lead a lovely well-being session with the class. Here is a song created on the spot using some of the things that make the pupils happy, such as going on holiday!

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20.10.21 In Forrest Schools this week the class listened to a story called Peter's Place. They then created their own miniature outdoor versions of their favourite places.

8.10.21 In RHSE, year 5 had to work as a team to complete a challenge: build the tallest tower you can with just 10 sheets of paper and some tape. We reflected on how we approached the activity and the different roles we each played in our teams.

7.10.21 Here are Year 5's finished models of the 8 phases of the moon. They enjoyed shaping the jaffa cakes and learning the correct name for each phase.

30.10.21 We enjoyed a lovely Harvest festival at church. Year 5 prepared an acrostic poem to share.

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23.9.21 Year 5 took part in a running event at Monkswalk. They had a great time and tested their stamina by running a total of 3km! We were very proud of them all.

20.9.21 Year 5 have had an excellent start to the year writing simple sentences in French to say if they have any pets. They are combining their knowledge of animals, numbers and the verb "to have".

14.9.21 Half of the class performing their "Dance by Chance" routines combining random actions and dynamics.

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14.9.21 Half of the class performing their "Dance by Chance" routines combining random actions and dynamics.

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9.9.21 Year 5 were introduced to the "Dance by Chance" style of dance influenced by Merce Cunningham. Here are some of their unique positions!