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Year 4

Year 4 Commonwealth Games at Monks Walk

Welcome to Year 4's class page!


Year 4 have started the year off in good form. We have already written some fabulously creative myths; we have explored Ancient Egypt; investigated chocolate in Science and we now have Egyptian art papier mache heads, to name but a few of our learning experiences.


We have an action packed year ahead of us. In March, we have the privilege of visiting Woodrow High House where a medley of outdoor activities and adventure awaits us. Not forgetting that the Spring Term will also be the return of the Spring Soiree! "How can we top last year's performance?" I hear you say... well, we can but try. In the meantime, we will be taking part in sporting events, enjoying our enrichment activity and working hard, very hard to master the topics in year 4. In the imminent future, we are looking forward to our Parent/Teacher consultations next week - don't forget to sign up to a time slot.


The class page will be updated as often as possible with photographs of our learning, class updates and reminders. Home learning and weekly spellings will also be posted on our class page weekly. So please visit this page often.


If you need to speak to any of the year 4 staff (Mrs Bennett, Mrs Bailey, Mrs McHutchison or Mrs Mills) please do not hesitate and we will do our best to help and support.


See you soon!



June 2018

Geography - Mountain Weather Reports


Over the last few weeks, Year 4 have been researching different types of weather found in mountain areas.  They wrote weather reports and performed them in a TV weather report style!  Thank you to Mr Scully for providing the green screen!

(Please excuse the slight delay on the videos!)

Abigail and

Still image for this video

Alan and

Still image for this video

Alexia and

Still image for this video

Alfie L and

Still image for this video

Darcy and

Still image for this video

Elliana and Grace

Still image for this video

Evlyn and Alfie

Still image for this video

Freddie and

Still image for this video

Grace C and

Still image for this video

Kieran and Oliver

Still image for this video

Macie and

Still image for this video

Nicole and Oliver

Still image for this video

Scarlett and

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Picasso Collages

Tuesday 1st May


We have been studying work by the famous artist Pablo Picasso.  We have learnt about his life and the styles that he painted in.  We tried to create our own collage faces in his style using cut out features of faces from magazines.  We think they look great! (You may need to stand on your head to see some of them!)

Samba Day

Wednesday 21st March


Today, we have been enjoying the sights, sounds and cultures of Brazil including a fantastic Samba drumming workshop.  We were inspired by the Rio carnival and made colourful headdresses to get in the samba mood!  We learnt some samba dance steps and also researched facts about Brazil.  What a great day!

Our Samba drumming performance

Still image for this video

Weekly Spellings - the attached document will be updated very week


Woodrow High House Information

Happy New Year!


The spring term in year 4 will be as action packed as ever with athletics events, trips, performances and lots of interesting topics to get our teeth in to.


Just this afternoon we are going to Gosling Sports Park to compete, so look out for some pictures and results on this page soon. The other date to note is the 26th January, when we will be sharing our learning in our learning assembly. We look forward to seeing you there.


Mrs Bailey, Mrs Cain, Mrs McHutchison and Ms Allen.




Whipsnade Zoo - the long awaited snap shots of the day!



Tom from the Saracens has been helping year 4 with our P.E. and Maths in school. Today, we used 2D shapes to design our own rugby stadium. We then saw great improvements in our team work when we played rugby style games on the playground.


We can't wait to find out what we will be doing next week!

Road Safety Week

This week was road safety week. We have looked at how we can cross the road safely in our area by walking around the area, looking at ways to cross the road safely. We discussed potential dangers, using crossings and the correct way to cross the road using the Green Cross Code. We learned a lot!

"The Joy of Reading" at the Univeristy of Hertfordshire witih Caroline Lawrence

Connections with each other in PSHE



A huge welcome for our first term in year 4 together. We have already begun to work hard, settle in to our routines and get to know each other a little better. We are looking forward to our 'Exciting Egyptians' topic and some interesting topics in our other subjects too.


We are lucky to have a variety of adults working with us throughout the week, with Mrs Bailey teaching us from Monday to Thursday and Mrs Cain teaching us on a Friday and Mrs Pumilia teaching us on a Wednesday afternoon. Mrs McCutchinson and Ms Allen will support our learning throughout the day.


There is lots to look forward to this term and we will be posting updates of our learning and achievements on this page, so please check in regularly.


See you soon,


Year 4 team

Insulators vs Conductors 27.6.16

FUDGE Friday 17.6.16

Appreciating Benjamin Zephaniah


We have recently been reading and analysing the poetry of Benjamin Zephaniah. We've loved learning about his opinions on meat-eating, the way we treat nature, and also how great it is to be British. The latter tied in really well with our learning about British values, we are beginning to understand concepts like democracy, liberty and equality. We have talked about coming from different backgrounds and celebrating the fact that this island we live on is home to people from many different cultures!


Some of our favourite poems were 'Talking Turkey' and 'Trees Please' from his book Little Book of Vegan Poems as well as 'Magical is He' and 'The Economy Flyer' from his book of poetry We are Britain



Our Eggsiting Eggsperiment 19.5.16





Gold Standard Writing in Year 4


Recently we have been learning about the digestive system and tied this in with writing explanation texts. We read, analysed and looked at many examples of good explanations texts before writing one of our own about how the human digestive system works. 


We found Sue Palmer's Big Book on explanation texts really helpful and a couple of us produced some gold standard writing! Below are some pictures of the beautiful gold rosette that Jack and Aadya found in their writing books. There were also quite a few of us who got recognised for putting in a gold effort, the award for this was a stamp in our writing books and a gold sticker.



Digestive System


Our favourite website for learning about the digestive system:


Come and have a look at our science and english books for some amazing work on the different parts of the human digestive system and explanation texts about the process.


We are also exploring the digestive systems of animals and amazed by how different they are.


Here we are checking out our teeth and thinking about their functions.




English - Similes 


This week (w/b 8.2.16) we have been analysing and writing list poems, focusing on using similes and interesting vocabulary. Here's a taster of the kind of similes we came up with...


As long as the A1


As soft as a feather


As screechy as a siren


As loud as a fog horn


As cosy as a onesy


As clever as a calculator


Maths - Measures

Working with clay - making canopic jars

The Big Draw at University of Hertfordshire

Learning Highlights


November 2015


We have been blown away in our recent Science lessons. We have been learning about the water cycle and thinking about our water usage (and wastage). We have made up sketches and mimes to demonstrate the cycle. We have also considered and discussed what could happen to humans and plants if they do not get enough water.



But the thing that really got us is the idea that some of the water we drink today is the same water that dinosaurs drank when they were alive! We had a big debate about this!


We are looking forward to next week's demonstration/experiment in which we will make it rain indoors! Keep an eye out for photos.


October 2015


Inspired by harvest festival we begun reading and writing poetry. We are really keen on poems that rhyme and descriptive vocabulary that helps create images in our minds.



This really got us thinking about environmental issues. We have read poems about deforestation, urban environments, poaching, and the beauty of nature. One Monday morning Miss Gunduzler shared a photo of a scene she had come upon in a forest in Hertfordshire. Lots of us wrote poems (some angry, some sad) about fly tipping... We have been experimenting with lots of different forms - haikus, tankas, cinquains, and free verse.



September 2015


We kicked off our learning about Ancient Egypt by forming our own questions and beginning to think of ourselves as history detectives.


We have a massive history board which we are filling with a facts, pictures, descriptions and key vocabulary. We are beginning to appreciate how important the river Nile was and how people lived in Egypt. Come by the classroom to see our collage of the Nile, it's banks and the fields where the farmers would have grown their crops. We have loved learning about mummification - we wrote instructions on how to do it!


At the end of the day we wind down and enjoy reading  - this is our current class book.





Welcome to Year 4

Welcome back to this our final term together in Year 4. We have had a few changes with the staff in the class after Easter. We are very lucky to now have Mrs Mills in the class during the mornings. Unfortunately this means we have lost Miss Dring during this time but we are very fortunate as she is still in the class in the afternoons. Meanwhile Mrs Penketh and Miss Weidenstreit continue to do excellent work within the classroom.

The children achieved so much last term both academically and as individuals.  From the excellent Spring Soiree to our amazing adventures at Woodrow High. I am sure this achievement will continue to grow and develop this term as we progress through the summer term.


Our topic this term, we will be 'You, me, them, everybody' linking it into nearly all areas of the curriculum. This topic is based around the general election and looking at people's human rights. This will be linked to our class book 'Journey to Jo'burg' which tackles the issues of the segregation of 2 black children during the apartheid in South Africa. We will also be exploring poetry by Maya Angelou around the topics of determination and individuality.

Some other areas of the curriculum will not be linked to our topic but I know we will still have lots of fun learning about Volcanoes and Earthquakes in Geography, the development of local industry in History and classification of species in Science.


Miss Sullivan

Home Learning

Explosive Fun - Volcanoes

Outdoor Learning

Summer Newsletter 2015

Summer Term sharing assembly

You, me, them everyboddy - Topic wheel

Amazing landscapes in the style of Van Gogh

Apple Mummification Experiment


As part of Ancient Egypt topic we have been learning about the process of mummification. We decided that we wanted to investigate if the Ancient Egyptians were using the best method possible. We are using apples instead of dead bodies (a little hard to get hold of, plus we don't have the storage!), we have also decided to investigate the roll of bandages in the process. We have 8 different variations and  we are going to compare the results after 1 week.

Control: Apple with no bandage Control: Apple with bandage
Apple + Salt Apple  + salt + bandage
Apple + Bicarbonate of Soda Apple + Bicarbonate of Soda + bandage
Apple + Vinegar Apple + Vinegar + bandage


Can you predict which preservation technique will work best?

Apple Mummification Experiment

Que vais-je porter aujord'hui? (what will I wear today?)

Year 4 Archive


Welcome to Year 4!!!!


We are a happy, energetic, caring and talented class. We always work hard to achieve our goals. 


We love improving our knowledge and skills and enjoy working collaboratively in order to learn from each other.


We are a happy and friendly team always striving to so our best in everything we do.


On this page you will find out lots of what we have been up to this term.

Welcome back Year 4 after the Easter holidays, hope you all had a good break! The children have settled back well and we have exciting plans for Summer!
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Summer 1: Creative Learning Wheel

Summer 2014 Newsletter