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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4's class page!

The Year 4 team consists of Mrs Pumilia and Miss Williams.

The children have all settled into their first week really well. 


We look forward to sharing photos of learning and information about events that are happening throughout this academic year. Please check regularly for updates.






Year 4 made their own volcano and watched it erupt.

Design and Technology. Year 4 made their own book sleeves. Each sleeve had to be made of fabric, have a fastening and include an original design.

Year 4 have been melting different types of chocolate during our Science lessons. At the end of the lesson we had a competition to see who could keep the chocolate drop in their mouth the longest before it melted.

The children in year 4 participated in first aid training. They learnt emergency first aid and CPR. The children also learnt how to dress a wound, which is one of the threads on the new pathways curriculum.

Year 4 would like to share some of their work. The children were inspired by Fiona Ray and created their own pieces of abstract Art. In Music the children experimented with chair drumming. In Science the children have been learning all about teeth. We learnt a lot about how to look after our teeth properly from a real dentist.

These are some of the things Year 4 have been doing since we have returned to school.

Maths work on 3-D shapes

Science Work. Year 4 had fun trying to grow their own rainbow as part of Science week.

Congratulations to Neve for being the year 4 winner for her book character.

WC 30.11.20 - One World Week


This week we have focused on Serbia and have looked at different aspects of this country.

In Geography we looked at similarities and differences between England's and Serbia's human and physical features.

In Science we discovered information about Nikola Tesla, a Serbian scientist that shook the world with his discoveries on electricity.

In Topic we looked at education in Serbia. We were really lucky to receive letters from children that attended an International school in Serbia. We read their letters and responded to their questions about English education. 

Pictures to feature soon...    

25.11.20 - Reading / Art - As a class, we are currently reading Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. We have been considering the feelings of the characters on the island. One of the things that creates a great bond between the two of them is shell painting. With these observations from Michael in mind, the children made their own paintings on rocks. Their focus to detail was amazing!

23.11.20 English - We are looking at the myth Romulus and Remus. Today we discovered that the brothers argued about many things. We discussed other topics that they might have argued about and then took the role of Romulus and Remus. In pairs we improvised dialogue and focused on the use of intonation and body positioning. I must admit we have a few future actors and actresses.

13.10.20 World Maths Day. We read "Prehistoric Actual Size" and had to order the dinosaurs by their height and date of existance. We then compared ourselves to the heights of the dinosaurs and made a timeline to chronologically order the dinosaurs in terms of their existance.

01.10.20 Science - Children had to find items and understand what was vibrating to cause the sound.

01.10.20 Maths - Year 4 had to estimate the placement of different values on a metre stick

28.09.20 - Harvest Part One

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28.09.20 - Harvest Part Two

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W.B 28.09.20

English: We are finishing our scheme of work related to "Tuesday" and will begin to focus on our new text "Arthur and the Golden Rope". Our primary focuses relate to using coordinating conjunctions and a wide range of punctuation correctly.

Maths: We will be focusing on rounding, comparing and estimating numbers. 

Topic: We will be ending our WGC focus and begin to look at Black History Month.

PE: We will be continuing to look at the rules and roles of rounders.  

Science: Last week we started the topic of "Sound". This included a sound walk around the school, trying to find different sources of sound. 



22.09.20 Forest School

15.09.20 Gratitude Activity - We had to think of someone special to us and show them our appreciation.