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Year 4

Welcome to year 4!


Thank you for visiting our class page! This term, the children will be learning about The Anglo-Saxons in England and the history of their invasion.

In science, we will be investigating how to create different electrical circuits. This will include using bulb, motors and buzzers. Look out for pictures of the children working scientifically.



Year 4's D/T project - Anglo Saxon Houses.

Year 4 making electrical circuits

Year 4's trip to the British Museum

Year 4 athletics practice.

Year 4 investigating the local environment for plants and animals.

Year 4 pictures from the Joy of Reading!

Year 4's science experiment when investigating water resistance.

As part of National Poetry Day, Year 4 wrote their own acrostic poems based on the book, 'The Lost Words.'

Year 4 competed brilliantly at the tag rugby festival on Wednesday afternoon. They played against lots of other schools and all of the training and practice that has been done in school paid off! 

Year 4 Tag Rugby Training

Year 4's science experiment - insulating icebergs!

Year 4's science experiment where the children had to separate different solids from liquids. The children looked at what changes were reversible.

Year 4's parent meet and greet PPT