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Year 3

*Welcome to Year 3*


What a fun start to the year we have had! In Year 3 we work together and support each other in our learning. We have a learning partner that we choose every week to enhance our learning opportunities and independence. We are inquisitive children and love to ask questions to explore topics that we are interested in.

In year 3 we help ourselves reach these expectations by following the vision and code for behavior and strive to move up the ladder to get a green letter from Mrs Shirley. We know that attendance every day is important to keep on top of the high standards of Year 3.

Also in our team; our teacher is Miss Kettle and our teaching assistant is Mrs Beare in the afternoons; we are lucky to have Mrs Bohoran and Miss Allen to support us in our learning as well. On a Friday Mrs Pumilia teaches us. The adults in our class facilitate our learning and help us to be confident, independent individuals.

We have lots of learning to look forward to this year.

Home Learning

09.07.18 - A little Visitor (Pebble)

27.06.18 - Sports 121 Tag Rugby

25.04.18 - Monks Walk Multiskills Session :)

22.03.18 - Year 5 shared their Mystery and Suspense Writing with us :)

21.03.18 - Samba Enrichment Day - Researching, Making Carnival Headresses, Drumming, Making Flags :)

Solving Calculations using number cards :) We had lots of fun!

Mrs Manly shared her Favourite Story with us :)

World Book Day - Sharing stories with Nursery

World Book Day - Sharing fairy tale stories

PE - Throwing and catching and aiming towards a target

Weekly library session enjoying books :)

English - Locating information from Non-fiction texts (And using the chrome books)

Year 3 and 4 Christmas Quiz #teamwork

Reading Tree - Great reading reviews. It's lovely to see so many children enjoying their reading. Well done to our winners too!!

Making Muisc out of the materials around us

Making Hot Chocolate Reindeer for the Christmas Fair - Year 3 Stall

The Big Draw

Lantern Workshop


The children have had an exciting opportunity to create their own Christmas themed lantern in preparation for the WGC 'light up' on Thursday 16th November. The children have had great fun making these lanterns and are extremely excited to parade them around WGC next week. I look forward to seeing you all then; remember to wrap up warm - it will be a cold one!


Welcome to year 3 2016/17


We are a class of enthusiastic, kind, caring and bright individuals who are always ready to learn.  We can work both as a team and independently and always try our best. We are a class that follows the Homerswood vision and code and enjoy school. Every other week, we choose a learning partner to help us to be the best that we can be and with those partners we work really hard to understand things that we find tricky. 

Our class teacher is Miss Lundgren with Miss Day and Mr Scully supporting our learning. 

Please visit our webpage regularly to find out what we have been doing! Our weekly Homework will also  be on here should you need it.smiley

Summer Term (2017)

Welcome back to our final term of Year 3. This term is all about consolidating our learning and deepening our understanding. Still working hard and making sure we are ready for Year 4!

Happy New Year (2017)

Welcome back to the Spring Term! We have so much to look forward to with only a short amount of time to get everything done! Full speed ahead to Easter. It will go by in a flash :-)

Science - Can plants survive without water, light, soil or warmth? / Growing our own sunflowers

English - Poetry performance



Autumn Term (2016)

Science - Friction

Shapes and their properties

























































































































Welcome to year 3 2015/16


We are a class of enthusiastic, kind, caring and bright individuals who are always ready to learn and try our best.  We can work both as a team and independently. We take charge of our learning by choosing our own level to work at and what resources to use to achieve our best. Every week, we choose a learning partner to help us to be the best that we can be and with those partners we work really hard to understand things that we find tricky.  We try to earn marbles for our class jar as well as shooting starts individually and feel really proud when we follow the Homerswood Vision and Code.

Our class teacher is Miss Lundgren with Mrs Caine teaches us on Fridays and  Mrs McHutchison  supports our learning. 

Please visit our webpage regularly to find out what we have been doing!smiley

Welcome back for our final Term in Year 3!

I have attached all of the learning and exciting activities we will be doing in the summer term for you to have a look at.

Dress up the teacher

Homework - Spring Term

Happy New Year!


Year 3 look forward to a jam packed term. We have a new topic which is the 'Rotten Romans' and an exciting Spring Soirée looming in collaboration with Year 4. The children have come back refreshed and ready to learn. I have already seen a change in their learning in terms of their attitude and progress. They are definitely a class that are ready to learn because they enjoy it.



Place Value


During the first two weeks of term, year 3 have been working on place value. Understanding the value of the individual digits in a number is the foundation to many maths learning and activities. They have settled in exceptionally well during their first two weeks in KS2. Well done Year 3!



Multi Sports

On Wednesday  afternoon, year 3 were invited to a fun for all multi sports event and St.Mary's Primary school. The children took part in all kinds of activities organized and run by the year 7s at Monks Walk School. Football, rugby, dodge ball and team races were amongst the favorite activities provided. The class were enthusiastic, competitive, worked well as a team and had a lovely afternoon out!



Science experiment

During out science lessons we have been learning about magnets including magnetic materials, the force of a magnet and uses for magnets. Each table thought of a question they would like to find out to do with magnets and then the came up with an experiment to answer their question. They had to think about the method, how to keep it a fair test, what equipment they would need and once they completed the experiment, what they found out. As a class we then discussed what they would do differently next time.


Year 3's Shape Museum


Year 3 have been very busy learning all about the properties of 2-D and 3-D shapes. Regular, irregular, acute, obtuse and right angles, edges and vertices as well as and all the names of shapes. We then started to look at the size of the shapes by measuring the length, width and then working out the perimeter and area. In our museum we have six different exhibits; Perfect right angles, only obtuse, only acute, irregular and regular. See how we got on...




Big Draw

On Monday 2nd November Years 3 and 4 were invited to the University of Hertfordshire to take part in a big draw event with current teacher trainees. They used different materials to create different styles of art. Some art was linked to books, others to history and some about exploring different materials. The children loved the morning and had fun exploring the different styles of art. They also found being a University very exciting!



Plays and Play scripts

Our new English topic is plays and play scripts, focusing on William Shakespeare as we are also learning a bout the Tudors. During our first week we had a drama work shop to improve the children's knowledge and understanding. They learnt that you can quickly change from one role to the next via a  slight prop  or costume change. They also learnt what a freeze frame was and how music can effect the mood.






































Year 3 2014 - 15

Home Learning

As part of Healthy Eating Week, Year 3 have been doing blind food tasting. They were given a selection of healthy foods including rocket, radishes, kiwi, oatcakes, ricecakes, cottage cheese and tzatziki. They had to close their eyes to taste the food and were asked to carefully describe the texture and taste of each one. They tried really hard to use interesting and descriptive language and some even used similes to describe how the foods felt or tasted. There were some interesting reactions to some of the foods, especially the radishes!

Violent volcanoes!

Still image for this video
As part of their Science topic on rocks, Year 3 have been learning about volcanoes. They made model volcanoes in groups and then we made them erupt using a mixture of soap powder, water, baking powder, red food colouring and vinegar! It was great fun and the children really enjoyed it.

Summer term - Romans topic


This term our main topic will be the Rotten Romans! We are really looking forward to teaching  your children all about this topic through as many different areas of the curriculum as possible. We hope that the children will really enjoy this topic and they are welcome to bring in anything of interest to share with the class.

Please see the topic wheel for more details.

The Rotten Romans topic wheel

Year 3 Newsletter Summer Term

Holiday Home Learning - Easter 2015


Don't forget your holiday home learning is to complete your scrapbook! Fill it with all sorts of interesting things to show what you get up to over the Easter holidays - photos, diary entries, tickets, anything!

If you get bored over the holidays you could go on Mathletics or Spellodrome, practise your times tables or spellings, or do the creative home learning task for Mrs Pumilia.


Have a brilliant Easter everyone!


In Maths Year 3 have been learning about fractions. To finish this topic off they had a fractions treasure hunt where they had to find clues and answer questions about all different aspects of fractions. They really enjoyed this and it helped them to practice their fractions skills. Year 3 are now able to do the following impressive things: identify fractions of shapes, calculate fractions of quantities, work out equivalent fractions, order fractions from smallest to largest and add/subtract fractions. Well done Year 3 and well done to the winning team of David, Archie, Alice, Mateo, Joe and Emil!

Fractions treasure hunt winners!

Welcome to Year 3.


Year 3 have had a very busy Spring Term at school!


We have been completing lots of practical work in our Maths Lessons.  This term, we have looked at properties of 2D and 3D shapes and lots of work involving different types of measurements - such as Weight, Length and Capacity.


Have a look at our photos below, to see all of the fantastic learning we have been doing.


Year 3 have been also been discovering more information about the Stone Age.  In Literacy we are going to be writing a report about a Stone Age Animal.  We have been thinking about the information people may be interested in finding out.  Do you have a question about  the Woolly Mammoth or the Sabre Tooth Tiger you would like us to answer? 


This week, we also had the opportunity to take part in a wonderful Skipping Workshop, where we learned some new skipping techniques.  Take a look at our photo's to see Year 3 in action.


We look forward to continuing our hard work throughout the Spring Term and invite you to our classroom to look at our working walls and displays so you can see our learning.


Thank You.

On Thursday 12th February, Year 3 had their second visit to Sherradspark Woods  with the Wood Wardens.  Our focus for the session was to see how many objects we could find from our list.


Year 3 were able to find all of the items on the list and had great fun refreshing their memories from our first visit to the woods where we were learning to identify the different types of trees and leaves around us.


Have a look at our photo's to see our fantastic day in the woods and a big a thank you to all of the parents who were able to come along with us.



Year 3 are full of smiles, polite and always willing to help others, I know that this great start will continue throughout the year!