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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun filled term!

The Year 3 team consists of Mrs Isaac (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Mrs Penny (Thursday and Friday), Mrs Robinson and Miss Spear.

Spring Term

Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spellings

21.01.22 - ONE WORLD WEEK - Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree art - We used watered down black paint and blew through a straw to create the tree trunk and branches. We then worked on our colour mixing skills by mixing red and white to create different shades of pink for the blossom.

19.1.22 - ONE WORLD WEEK, trying our best to use chopsticks.

19.1.22 - Well done to Evelyn and Esther for completing Mrs Shirley's terrarium challenge.

17.1.22 - One World Week, first session exploring the symbolism of the Japanese flag.

11.1.22 - Outdoor Learning

Autumn Term

Year 3 Meet and Greet

15.12.21 - Christmas dinner

13.12.21 - Christmas Party 2021!

10.12.21 - Christmas extended story writing using inverted commas for direct speech

Elf Yourself Day for Isabel Hospice

8.12.21 - Well done to Melissa and Sophie for completing Mrs Shirley's challenge of completing a Christmas Acrostic.

1.12.21 - Christmas has arrived! Year 3 have been thinking about the 'true' meaning of Christmas.

15.11.21 - PE - Yoga - Moving in time with our breath and using controlled movements to move from one pose to another

12.11.21 - DT - Making and eating 'Apple and Pear Crumble' as part of our seasonal food topic

11.11.21 - Maths - Subtraction and finding the difference with 2-digit numbers

12.10.21 - Computing - Touch typing

6.10.21 - English - writing our own Limericks.

30.09.21 - Science - We had lots of fun drawing and labelling skeletons in the playground. We talked about what our skeletons are for and how our skeletons are vital in protecting some of our organs.

28.9.21 - Forest School - creating tree characters.

23.09.21 - Maths - Exploring fractions within shapes

20.9.21 - Trying Amrit water (sugar water) and Karah Prashad (a sweet pudding, made from butter, flour and sugar) which are shared after an Amrit Ceremony.

17.09.21 - Movie Dress Up Day

17.09.21 - Art - We applied our knowledge of geometry when sketching drinks cans.

8.9.21 - Look at our first ukulele lesson.


The children have had a fantastic start to Year 3! They have settled beautifully into our new classroom and routines. We are very proud of them all. Here are some photos of the children enjoying a fun, maths investigation which they completed over the first two days. The children showed wonderful team work and problem solving skills in order to crack the codes! They were each rewarded a shooting star for their amazing work. Well done Year 3! Keep up the great work! smiley


Maths Investigation