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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

We are looking forward to an exciting and fun filled term!

The Year 3 team consists of Mrs Isaac (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday), Mrs Penny (Thursday and Friday), Mrs Robinson and Miss Spear.

Autumn Term

Year 3 Meet and Greet

23.09.21 - Maths - Exploring fractions within shapes

20.9.21 - Trying Amrit water (sugar water) and Karah Prashad (a sweet pudding, made from butter, flour and sugar) which are shared after an Amrit Ceremony.

17.09.21 - Movie Dress Up Day

17.09.21 - Art - We applied our knowledge of geometry when sketching drinks cans.

8.9.21 - Look at our first ukulele lesson.


The children have had a fantastic start to Year 3! They have settled beautifully into our new classroom and routines. We are very proud of them all. Here are some photos of the children enjoying a fun, maths investigation which they completed over the first two days. The children showed wonderful team work and problem solving skills in order to crack the codes! They were each rewarded a shooting star for their amazing work. Well done Year 3! Keep up the great work! smiley


Maths Investigation