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Year 3


Welcome to Year 3 2020-2021!

We are very excited to welcome you to our Year 3 webpage. We will be sharing any information or photos about events happening throughout the year here so please check regularly for any updates.


School life looks a little different this year, but the children have remained resilient as ever and I have been so impressed with how well they have settled into their first week.


As you know, Hertfordshire have designed a recovery curriculum for the Autumn term which will be starting in week 2. This allows for a more gentle introduction to learning and the curriculum reflects back on prior learning to build their foundations before advancing on to their curriculum targets for this academic year.


We aren't letting the current situation stop us from aiming high- we would still like to encourage all children to work towards their pen license which they receive when demonstrating neat, legible and joined-up handwriting. We will also continue to focus on daily maths fluency and aiming to consolidate our multiplication facts up to 12 to allow the children to apply this knowledge to longer worded problems in the future.


We will also be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Welwyn Garden City allowing the children to explore deeper into the history of  our local area.


We look forward to an exciting and engaging year ahead.


20.7.21 Year 3 had a very special visitor to reward them for their hard work this year. It was very welcome in the heat!

20.7.21 Year 3 followed a map to find their way to some landmarks in Welwyn Garden City including the Ebeneezer Howard statue, the Theodore Chambers memorial and the fountain.

22.6.21 Year 3 joined up with Year 1 to complete a learning walk around our local area. They used this to influence a creative piece of writing about their journey.

18.5.21 KeepABeat came to do a First Aid session with year 3, teaching them basic first aid skills including how to dress a wound

17.5.21 Year 3 during French and enjoying working collaboratively in their new seating arrangements.

14.5.21 After finding the optimum water needed for Cress, the class then used this knowledge to plant and water their own runner beans.

6.5.21 Year 3 carried out an experiment to find out the optimum amount of water needed to grow cress. The results are clear!

27.4.21 Year 3 have been learning some parts of the body in French, they have used a well-known tune to help them remember the name of each body part!

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20.4.21 As part of our Athletics sequence, year 3 practiced their hurdling skills using their strongest leg first.

16.4.21 Part of our study into prehistoric art, year 3 imagined they were in a cave and had to practice drawing upside down on their "cave wall!"

4.12.21 Elf Yourself Day!

26.11.20 Year 3 made their own fossils using small toy skeletons and imprinting them onto clay.

13.10.20 Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed Homerswood's Maths Day. Activities included 2D shape art, a maths book called "one is a snail, ten is a crab" and some outdoor number games such as times tables hopscotch!

7.10.20 In Forest Schools the class were tasked to use their senses to work out what was in each pot. These children were our "super smellers"!

28.9.20 The whole class learnt sign language to a harvest song to compensate for no singing!

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28.9.20 Year 3 created a whole class acrostic poem which was read aloud by 7 volunteers.

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28.9.20 3 members of year 3 read a harvest prayer in church.

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w/c 7.9.20 Year 3 told us some facts about themselves and created their own calculations to help us work them out! We had great fun trying to work out their answers.

w/c 7.9.20 Year 3 looked at "line and tone" and practiced using their pencil to create different tones to show light and shadow.