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Year 2

Home Learning

Testing games on the Chromebooks

NSPCC Speak out. Stay Safe. assembly

Enjoying an ice lolly in the sunshine, after a busy few days!

Father Rob came to visit year two to talk about his role as a vicar.

The children in year 2 have been growing beans as part of their Science work. They have made careful observations and have drawn detailed pictures.

Golf with Freddie and Paul from Essendon Golf Club

Monks Walk young sports leaders.


Well done Year 2, your Siege Towers look great!

Medieval Banquet

The children had great fun at the Medieval Banquet today, where they enjoyed using their trencher and learning how to joust.



What a great morning we have had so far, finding out about where Samba music comes from and listening to the story of 'So Say The Little Monkeys'. Then the children had great fun making their own swinging monkeys.



The children had great fun this afternoon during their drumming session!

World Book Day 2018 and GLAM morning - thank you to the parents for all the wonderful costumes and for those who attended GLAM morning.

Awesome Christmas Party!

Thank you to everyone the brought in food or drink for the Christmas Party today, the children had an awesome time!

Christmas Production

The children now know their parts in our play, Ralph the Reindeer.

Costume letters have been sent out on Friday 10/11 and these need to be in school by 29/11. Any problems please see a member of the team.

Bar Modelling

Biscuit Bob !

In Science we received a letter from Biscuit Bob who was having terrible trouble when dunking his biscuits....they kept crumbling in his tea!

  Luckily the Scientists in Year 2 were on hand to investigate, thanks to their fair test and accurate measuring they reached a conclusion. Ask your child which biscuit we would recommend to Bob and why!

Being Samuel Pepys

Monks Walk Sports Leaders afternoon

Welcome to Year 2

September 2017


Year 2 have settled in brilliantly and have made an impressive start to the new academic year.  We know that the expectations are higher this year, but we are ready for the challenge and always willing to try our best.  We are enthusiastic learners and love to try new things too!  Even when things seem hard, we keep trying and never give up.

Miss Gavaghan and Mrs Isaac are our class teachers and Mrs Mills and Miss Dring are our Teaching Assistants.  Mrs Beare also teaches us on Monday and Wednesday afternoon for Forest School.  The adults in our class support our learning but also encourage us to be independent learners.

This year, we are going to make the most of every new day and the opportunities they bring.  We plan to keep our high standards of behaviour,  the smartness of our uniforms and the quality and presentation of our work the same every day!  Our Raspberry Pot will be full before long!

Please check our webpage regularly for updates and photos of our fantastic learning! smiley

Year 2 2016 -2017

Monday 8th May

Aboriginal Art


We have book looking at the colours, symbols and patterns used in traditional Aboriginal Art.  We have created our own artwork, camouflaging an Australian animals amongst the dots, patterns and symbols.  Can you spot what they are?

Medieval Banquet

Monday 24th April


Year 2 celebrated the end of a fantastic topic 'Castles and Dragons' by taking part in their very own banquet!  The children came dressed as Lords, Ladies and Knights and Mrs Beare made a very convincing jester! The important guests sat at the high table and the children feasted on chicken, vegetables and a few extra treats!  Hazel and Celia's mums came in this morning to help the children to make some medieval treats too.  The children entertained the important guests with singing, dancing, joke telling, juggling and jousting.  What a great experience!

Year 2 Assessment Briefing 19th January 2017

Our Learning

Friday 10th February 2017

St John's Church Visit


This morning Year 2 enjoyed a trip to St John's Church to learn about the history of the church and the artefacts we found there.

The Egg

Tuesday 24th January


This week, we have been learning the story The Egg by MP Robertson using oral storytelling.  This story map helps us to remember the story and the actions that we use.  We have also started to innovate the story map to change parts of it for other ideas.  this will help us to write our own stories about 'The Egg'.

The Mystery has been solved!
The egg has hatched and a baby dragon has emerged!  We were all very excited to welcome our new friend to the class.  Although we think we are going to have to keep a very close eye on him - he gets up to all sorts of tricks when the children are out of the class!

The Great Egg Mystery

Wednesday 11th January 2017

When Year 2 returned from their Christmas Holiday, on Monday morning, they discovered a giant egg had been laid at the front of the classroom.  Nobody knew where it had come from or how it got there.  We were all very confused.  The next day we noticed a crack had appeared and some of the children were sure they heard scratching coming from inside the egg.


This morning the children checked on the egg and saw that the crack had got bigger!  Lily thought she could see something silvery inside.  The mystery continues...

Monday 7th November

Road Safety


​We have been learning all about road safety this week and today we went outside our school to conduct a traffic survey.  We studied two places near our school and kept a tally of the traffic.  We were amazed to see how busy the roads were.  We also looked at road signs and road markings and talked about what they mean.

Wednesday 2nd November

Firework poems

We have been describing the sounds, sights and feelings related to Bonfire Night. The children developed some fantastic descriptions and put them into poems.  We have also talked about the rules surrounding Bonfire Night and how to keep ourselves and others safe. We hope you enjoy some of our poems!

Thursday 6th October

Harvest Festival


Many thanks for all of your kind donations for our Harvest Festival collection today.  Thank you also to those of you who were able to join us walking to church.  The children sang and read their poems beautifully.

Wednesday 28th September

Samuel Pepys


We have been learning all about the Great Fire of London from the view of an eyewitness called Samuel Pepys.  He saw the events of the terrible fire and wrote about them in his diary.  Today, we made Samuel Pepys wigs of our own and imagined witnessing the fire.  We made notes in our diary!

Thursday 15th September

George's Marvellous Medicine


We have been looking at lots of stories by Roald Dahl as this week would have been his 100th birthday!  We even sang 'Happy birthday' to him and gave him 100 claps!

Our class story is 'George's Marvellous Medicine' and we have really been enjoying listening to the revolting things that George puts in Grandma's new medicine!  This morning in English, we created our own 'marvellous' medicines and mixed them all together.  The smell was disgusting!  This inspired us to write and has helped us to develop our creative writing ideas.

Archive 2015-2016

Welcome to Year 2


We are a class of enthusiastic children who are always ready to learn and try our best.  We work really hard to understand things that we find tricky and to challenge ourselves.  Every week, we choose a learning partner to help us to be the best that we can be.  We try to earn marbles for our class jar and feel really proud when we follow the Homerswood Vision and Code.

Our class teacher is Mrs Bennett and Mrs Pumilia teaches us on Fridays.  Mrs Beare and Mrs Allen support our learning and Mr Scully and Mrs Henry also work in our class sometimes.  We are lucky to have lots of adults to help us but we are also learning how to be independent learners.

Please visit our webpage regularly to find out what we have been doing!smiley

Year 2 Newsletter Summer Term

Summer Term Topic Web - Home and Away

Home Learning for this week

Year 2 Meet and Greet

Monday 4th July

Olympic Day


We were very lucky to be visited by two team GB athletes today to celebrate our Rio Olympic Day.  Kyle Langford is an 800m runner and is hoping to make the GB team for Rio!  Lina Nielsen runs the 400m and is hoping to move to the hurdles in the future.  Year 2 spent two sessions with the athletes developing their running and sprinting skills.  We were also very inspired by their stories about how they got into athletics and had to face set backs along the way. 

Wednesday 18th May

Aboriginal Art


As part of our 'Home and Away' topic, Year 2 have been looking at Aboriginal Art.  We discovered that they used dots in their paintings and earth colours.  We tried to create our own paintings using patterns and Australian animals.

Thursday 28th April


A few weeks ago, Reception hatched some chicks and we were really lucky to have them visit our classroom this afternoon!  We were all very excited to see them and some of us held them too!  Thank you for visiting!

Wednesday 27th April

Drama Workshop

Today we took part in a Peter Pan drama workshop led by Perform.  We really enjoyed going on a journey with Peter and rescuing the jewels from the evil Captain Hook!

Wednesday 30th March



What a wonderful way to celebrate the end of our Castles and Dragons topic!  Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic medieval banquet in the 'Great Hall' of Homerswood Castle today!  There was dancing, juggling, eating, drinking, jousting and sword fighting.  Thank you to all of the children for getting fully involved and making it such a brilliant celebration.

Wednesday 2nd March

Football training with FA Coach

We are really lucky this term to be having some football training sessions with FA Coach, Miss Simnett.  This week, we focused on our movement, with and without a football.  Miss Simnett was very impressed with our skills!

Wednesday 24th February

Year 2 Sharing Assembly

What a fantastic performance from the children at their Sharing Assembly this morning!  They spoke with confidence and enthusiasm about their learning this term and we were very proud of them!  They have really been enjoying the Castles topic and we will be celebrating with a special 'event' towards Easter - look out for more news!  Thank you to all the parents and families who attended and shared in the children's success.

​Friday 22nd January 2016
This morning Year 2 went to St John's Church to support our learning in R.E.  We learned so much about the history of the church and the artefacts we  found there.  We had a great time and really enjoyed ringing the bells!



St John's Church Visit

Thursday 12 November

Opposite Poem


In English, we have been looking at different types of poems.  Today, we thought about 'Light and Dark' and created lists of words relating to each word.  We used these words in an opposite poem of our own and then Mrs Bennett used our ideas to make a class poem.  We think it's brilliant!  See what you think!



Light and Dark Opposite Poem

By Year 2


A rainbow cave

A sunny night

A chocolate sun

A shining cave

A shadowy lamp

A sleeping sun

A starry shadow

A dark candle

A murky laser

A black sun

A chocolate lantern

A fiery cave

A pitch black star

A dark firework

A haunted rainbow

A sunny night

A dismal rainbow

A dark sun

A dull headlamp

A black torch

Two miserable lightbulbs





Thursday 5th November

Drama Workshop


We were very lucky to be visited today by Zoe from Perform who did a drama workshop with us.  We learnt to become different characters in her story and to act in different ways.  We also worked in groups to make to create parts of the story.  The workshop was great fun but it also helped us to build confidence.

Wednesday 30th September

Samuel Pepys


This week in English, we are learning to write a recount.  This is a retelling of an event that has already happened.  We are linking this to our History and have been looking at Samuel Pepys who was an eyewitness at the time of the Great Fire of London.  He wrote a diary about what he saw.

We made Samuel Pepys wigs and pretended to be him 400 years a go!  We made notes in our diary with our quill and described what we would have seen and felt at that time.  We will be using these notes to help us to write our own diary.