Welcome to Homerswood Primary and Nursery School - Autumn Term 2023
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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


The Year 2 team consists of Mrs Isaac (Mon, Tue, Wed), Mrs Penny (Thu, Fri) and Mrs Bate.

We are all looking forward to an exciting and fun filled term!


First day, done and dusted!

Year 2 2022-23

Welcome to Year 2!


The Year 2 team consists of Mrs Isaac, Mrs Mills, Mrs Bate,   Miss Skeggs and Miss Spear.

We are all looking forward to an exciting and fun filled term!

Year 2 Cuffley Camp

Year 2 Summer Newsletter

Year 2 Recommended Reads

Year 2 Timetable


Summer Reading Challenge

Sports morning and family picnic

RE - making Eid al-Adha cards.

Amazing FUDGE morning, thank you to all the fathers, uncles, dads and grandads that joined us today.

PE - tracking a rolling ball and collecting it.

Celebrating World Cultural Diversity Day

Geography - identifying the major rivers in different the continents of the world.

Orienteering - using our mapping skills to locate the markers and record the single-digit number in words.

Science - enquiry do taller people have larger feet?

Coronation Tea Party

ART - using impressing and joining techniques to decorate a clay tile.

What an amazing class assembly - WELL DONE YEAR 2

Maths - splitting a whole into equal groups (halves, thirds and quarters)


Easter Church Service

Science - exploring food chains.

History - identifying and sorting similarities and differences between seaside holidays now and in the past.

RE - exploring if symbols are better than words at expressing religious beliefs.

DT - making a chair for Baby Bear.

Sponsored Fitness Circuit with Steve Frew

RSHE - sharing healthy food with our friends.

Sustainability Week - How Long Does it Take To Decompose?

Science - exploring and describing a micro-habitat.

Amazing Rainbow!

CHICKS! Visiting the newly hatched chicks today in Reception.

Science - exploring the plants and animals that live in seaside habitats.

RE - discussing why Hot Cross Buns are a symbol of Easter and of course we had to have a taste.

World Book Day 2023

World Book Day - Sharing stories with Year 4.

World Book Day - Design a fruit or vegetable book character competition.

World Book Day - Sharing books with family and friends.

History - using photographs to find clues as to what seaside holidays were like in the past and then putting them in chronological order.

Science - exploring that living things need to live in a suitable habitat.

Maths - using bead strings to explore the link between repeated addition and multiplication.

PE - developing endurance.

Science - sorting things that are living and things that are non-living.

Science - performing a simple test to explore how to make the rocket mouse fly.

Our 'Well Being Workshop' for Children’s Mental Health Awareness week

RSHE - creating an imaginary bird for our 'Garden of dreams and goals'

Computing - constructing a binary tree to separate different items.

Science - today we tested socks to see which one was the stretchiest.

Computing - today we used yes/no questions to separate information.

PE - today we had a great multi-sports session with the Sports Leaders from Monks Walk.

Science - today we used balloons to explore how the shapes of objects can be changed.

PE - today we worked on stopping a rolling ball using different body parts.

PE - Yoga, developing an awareness of flexibility when completing a flow of poses.

PE - exploring different ways to control a ball and how to adjust the strength used to roll the ball and hit various targets.

Geography - exploring how shops sell foods from many different locations.

Science - exploring how the shapes of objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, twisting, bending and stretching.


Year 2 Meet and Greet

Enjoying Hot Chocolate and a biscuit, for working so hard this term, well done Year 2!

Christmas Party!

A very special Christmas story.

Amazing Christmas jumpers.

English - today we used adjectives to write a list poem about Autumn.

English - today we read a range of poems and then discussed our individual likes and dislikes about each poem.

Science, identifying and comparing the suitability of materials for particular uses.

MATHS WEEK Smarties Challenge!

SPOTacular day for Children In Need, all the children look amazing!

Science, observing and comparing materials using our senses.

As part of UK Parliament Week, we have listened to an introduction to Parliament and had a discussion about who the Prime Minster is.

Science - sorting and classifying materials.

Maths - rebalancing calculations, using a tens frame, when adding 9.

Science - exploring why hygiene is important.

Science - understanding the importance of eating the right amounts of different types of food, and hygiene.

Geography - understanding that there are four seasons in the UK.

27.9.22 - Science - designing, making and testing a cycle helmet.

20.9.22 - Computing, logging into the Chromebooks to play Archery Doubles.

14.9.22 - Maths, working together to regroup numbers.

All settled on our first day in Year 2.