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Year 2

Hello Year 2! 

Welcome to your class page.

I am so very proud of all of you for settling in so well. 

Mrs Reeve, Mrs Mills and Mr Scully will be in your classroom throughout the school year. 

We look forward to updating you of all your progress through the academic year. 



Recommended Reads for Year 2

Year 2 Meet and Greet PowerPoint

Art- Human Form- Decorating Skulls

Tasting Spanish Food! One World Week- Lots of fun had by all.

One World Week- Spain- Using Chrome Books to research facts about Spain + sketching famous landmarks in Spain

Year 2's New Class Reading book. Santa brought Mrs Reeve 2 new books for Christmas. We had a class vote and Toto the Ninja cat won!

Year 2 Virtual Christingle Service with lots of help from Reverend Selina. We had lots of fun!

Children in Need day!!

Making our own Sparklers using bread sticks, icing sugar and sprinkles! We all enjoyed eating them!

Before half term we wrote a list poem in groups and compiled them together to make a class poem about colours:


What is green?

Grass, dinosaurs, trees,

Grapes, broccoli, cabbage.

These are green.

(Eric, Tola, Charlie, Lucia)


What is blue?

Blueberries, water, cardigan,

The world, sky, paper towel.

These are blue.

(Shekinah, Ronnie, Jaxon, Olivia.S)


What is yellow?

Sun, banana, doors,

Dandelion, autumn leaves, stars.

These are yellow.

(Reggie, Bethany, Henry, Leo, Eliza, Milly)


What is orange?

Flowers, pumpkins, carrots,

Autumn leaves, oranges, sunsets.

These are orange.

(Harlie, Lacey, Gabriel, Olivia.E, Erwin, Gjon)


What is purple?

Plums, bottles, books,

Cars, violet, grapes.

These are purple.

(Eve, Emil, Thomas, Emily)


What is red?

Strawberry, dresses, roses,

Chairs, cherries, tomatoes.

These are red.

(Rosalie, Hazel, Jack, Sebastian)

Science - making a healthy snack; fruit kebabs

Harvest Festival Science Work. Healthy me + Healthy food. These are the food plates which we presented in Church on Thursday 30th September 2021

Look at our wonderful postcard writing. We used zoo maps, word banks and our phonic knowledge to write our postcards. Mrs Reeve is very proud!