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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Hello and welcome to our class. We are Year One. We are all five and six years old and we love learning at Homerswood School.


Mrs Penny teaches us on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and Miss Curtis teaches us on Thursday and Friday. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Beare, Miss Williams and Miss Cook. We are always busy in Year One and we learn lots every day.


12th May - Testing properties of materials

4th May - Maths - Capacity

26th April - Science -Testing properties of materials

23rd April - St George's Day - Making Dragons

1st February - Art and Science - sketching deciduous trees

25th January - Maths - doubling

30th November 2017 - Our trip to Whipsnade Zoo

17th November 2017 - Printing the faces of 3D shapes - We learned new vocabulary for example, face, vertex, vertices and edges.

9th November 2017 - At lunchtime some children built a bridge from sticks that they had found.

9th November 2017

This week we have subtracting and counting back in maths using objects like cubes and animals. We have been learning about Diwali, we listened to the story of Rama and Sita. We looked at Rangoli patterns and created our own. We have been practising our basketball skills in PE.

20th October 2017

What a busy week we have had. We have been adding numbers to 20, listening to and writing our own acrostic poems, writing sentences with full stops and capital letters, weighing with balance scales, making paper sculptures and learning about properties of paper, making window pictures and learning what transparent means. We all took part in the celebration balloon launch and wore purple to raise money for The Willow foundation. We hope you all have a lovely half term!  

12th October 2017 - Properties of paper - Making 3D paper sculpture pictures

15th September 2017

What a great start to Year One we have had. We have been busy everyday. Have a look at some of the things we have been doing.

5th May - We have been doing so many exciting things at school in the last two weeks. We have had a tennis session from two proper tennis coaches, Monks Walk young leaders taught us some great PE games and skills. We've learned all about the human body with Daisy's mum who is a nurse. We even learned about the circulatory system! Paul the bee keeper came to talk to us about the bees that he has and why they are so important and today we had a workshop with Miss K who taught us all about how important it is to recycle. The children are looking forward to taking charge of the recycling at home! What a lovely couple of weeks we have had.

5th May - Recycling workshop

4th May - Learning about bees!

3rd May - Young Leaders and PE

28th April - Daisy's mum is a nurse and visited us in Year 1 to teach us about the human body.

Wednesday 26th April - Labelling parts of the body

Wednesday 19th April - Learning about Tortoises

Thursday 2nd March - Measuring Capacity

Friday 27th January - Chinese New Year drums

Wednesday 25th January - Science - Looking at materials

Thursday 12th January

Welcome back. It's a new term and we have a new teacher. Welcome to Mrs Brooks! Our topic for this half term is 'Brrrr it's cold'. Already the children have been busy this week, learning about cold places, drawing winter trees using charcoal, learning to roll in gymnastics, reading the story 'Peace at Last' and acting it out, Measuring in cubes and metres, finding halves and quarters of shapes as well as reading and phonics and it is only Thursday. What a busy week of learning!

Friday16th December - Making hats and reading with Year 6

Thursday 24th November - Whipsnade Zoo

Friday 18th November - P.E with the young sports leaders

Road Safety week - Wednesday 9th November

Wednesday 2nd November

This term we have been developing our maths fluency. Today we have been playing a 'pairs' game. To play the game you need a partner. Each player takes it in turns to turn over 2 cards and see if they match e.g. there needs to be the same number of dots on each card. It doesn't have to have the same pattern. We play this game in Year 1 to help children 'see' the number of dots without having to count them. The game should be played at speed!

Have a go at playing at home by downloading this sheet and cutting out the cards.

Pairs game

Friday 7th October

Thank you for all your Harvest donations yesterday. What a lovely Harvest festival we had. The children were brilliantly behaved walking down and back to the church and sat so well in the church. They have enjoyed learning the harvest songs.

Wednesday 21st September

What a great start we have had to the term. The children have settled in well and are working really hard. We are thinking about autumn and the children have enjoyed bringing in things that they have found for the nature table. What signs of autumn have you already seen?


Have you seen birds migrating?

Have you seen blackberries ready to collect?

Have you seen animals collecting food for the winter?

Thursday 30th June

Last week we had a visit from Mrs Read. She talked to us about her job as a veterinary nurse. She showed us some photographs and x-rays and we pretended to carry out a dog check up.

The children really enjoyed learning about working with animals and lots of the children have decided they would like to work with animals when they grow up! Thank you Mrs Read!

Friday 17th June

This morning we had a lovely morning with our Dads, Granddads and Uncles. We used our senses to search for things, had a scavenger hunt, made natural sculptures, solved clues and made obstacle courses. We were learning outside all morning...luckily the rain stayed away! 

Tuesday 6th June

Welcome back - we hope you all had a lovely half term! Can you believe this is our last half term in year 1? It has gone so quickly! This week some of the children have been making smoothies and recording themselves just like TV chefs. We also had a Tennis taster session which was a lot of fun. We may even have some future tennis stars in our midst!


With the hope of warm and sunny weather, please make sure that your children have a water bottle and hat in school every day as well as making sure they are wearing sun cream. Thank you.

Thursday 26th May

This week we reading, acting and writing all about Cinderella. Some of us had fun 'Freeze framing' the story.

A few of our Cinderella Freeze Frames

Tuesday 17th May

We've had a super start to the week with the children coming in ready to learn - well done everyone! We've been looking at toys from the past and comparing them to toys we play with today. We've also been doing some division! How grown up are we?! Keep up the great work everyone. frown

Thursday 12th May

This week we have been learning about money. We have been pretending to buy items in a pet shop and sweet shop. Some of us have been using coins to pay amounts up to 50p. Next time you go to the shop why don't you see if you can have a go at buying something and paying with the right coins.

We have also been writing our own stories based on the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Ask your child to tell you their version.


Thursday 5th May

Last week we had a brilliant drama workshop based on Peter Pan. The children played dramatic games and moved to music. The story came to life!

We have now had two football sessions with Jess our football coach. The children have been learning to spot spaces, dribble into a space, dodge other people and stop the ball, their ball skills are developing well. If your child has tights for school please could you make sure they have socks for PE.

This week we have been learning the story of the 3 Billy Goats Gruff. Have you got a copy of the book at home?

Wednesday 20th April

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday. It is lovely to see the children back to school and all ready and keen to learn. This week we have been writing apology letters to the hen in the story of the Little Red Hen. The children have thought of lots of imaginative reasons why the Bull, Cat and Rat couldn't help to bake the bread.

We are also learning to measure using cubes or centimetres. Children, do you have a ruler or tape measure at home? Have a go at measuring things at home.

Wednesday 27th January

We are looking forward to History day on Friday, Year 1 will be focusing on the modern day. Please help us collect boxes and catalogues/magazines to help us with our learning.


This week we have been looking at the Tongue Twister, 'Peter Piper', can you think of any more Tongue Twisters? Year 1 why don't you challenge your family to say a Tongue Twister without making a mistake?

Tuesday 19th January

Brrrr! It's very cold so make sure you wrap up warm this week! Some of the children did some lovely research for their homework last week about the North and South Poles - thank you and well done. We have been having great fun in PE learning invasion games - it gets very lively! Don't forget that PE happens on a Tuesday and Thursday so make sure you have full PE kit in school on those days. The children have started Guided Reading this week - get them to tell you all about it. They seem to be really enjoying it! Keep up the good work Year 1.

Wednesday 6th January

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas holiday. Thank you for all our lovely Christmas cards and presents. This week the children have been estimating in maths. The children were brilliant at estimating and then measuring different objects in the classroom with cubes. We are also learning about the story of Farmer Duck. It is a lovely book to get out of the library and share at bedtime.

Well done to all those children that have completed the winter art homework, what fabulous learning!

Tuesday 10th November

It's been busy, busy, busy since we got back from half term. We have been learning about Guy Fawkes, Remembrance Day and Diwali as well as learning how to 'take away' in maths. We are also beginning to learn the songs for out Christmas play - watch out for more details! Just a reminder, could you please make sure ALL items of PE kit and uniform are named clearly - we are missing a few items, so if you could check you have the correct clothes, that would be great. Thanks!

Tuesday 24th November

The children have been working hard practicing for our sharing assembly. It's going to be fab! We had a Gymnastics Assembly today and got to see what the other classes had been learning in PE. Poppy, Priya, Ronnie and Alex demonstrated brilliantly how our class had been learning different rolls, balances and jumps! In Maths this week we have been learning about fractions. You can help your child by looking for 1/2s and 1/4s around the home. Please check your child's reading folder for details about their Nativity costumes. Not long now!

Wednesday 21st October

Last week and this week we have been reading and performing poems. Some of us even shared our poem in assembly. We have also been using exclamation marks in our writing. Help us at home by pointing at exclamation marks that you see in newspapers, books, online or out and about.

Have a lovely half term everyone!

Monday 12th October

Well done Year 1 for taking part in the lovely Harvest Festival service and thank you for bringing your lovely gifts of food. You did so well remembering the songs and actions to our story too. smiley This week part of our Maths work is counting in 2s. You can practice at home by helping sort out the socks in the washing! Don't forget to hand in your homework by Monday so that we can see all the hard work you have been doing at home!

Monday 28th September.

Another exciting week ahead of us in Year 1. We have been doing lots of work about maps and have made our own maps, looking at features around our school. Can you look for different features on your way home? Do you pass the shops? The church? A big tree? This week we will be programming bee-bots - I wonder if they will go where we want them to? We have been learning lots of songs too. Ask your children to sing you the Gruffalo song and see how scary they can be! And don't forget to keep practicing your number bonds to 10. Have a great week!

Thursday 24th September

This week we have been reading the story of "The Tiger who came to tea". We have made up our own stories about animals that came to visit us. Next week we will be making our own books, ask us about our stories.

Home Learning  - Summer Term

This term home learning is compulsory for Year 1 - so please do your best to complete it and hand it in on time. The new home learning will be given out on Tuesday and is due in the following Monday.


What we've been up to recently...

19.6.15 - FUDGE morning


We had a brilliant time with dads, uncles, and grandads today. See below for photos of what we did together... 


They joined in with our phonics (we taught them a thing or two about split digraphs) and played our favourite game, ZAP!


We built bridges



We did some research and wrote facts about the world


We designed superheroes!



And we did some scientific challenges


It was the best!


28.4.15 - Mini Marathon


We have just taken part in a marathon with the rest of the school, running laps around the field to help raise money for the charity Carers UK. Everyone did their best and did brilliantly! Look at us go...



23.4.15 - ARK Farm


We had a lovely time with the people and animals from ARK Farm this afternoon. We had the opportunity to learn about and get close to a donkey, dog, goat, lambs, chicken, ducks, and piglets. We found out about their different body parts and how they like to be treated. We look forward to learning more about their habits and what they like to eat tomorrow!








11.3.15 - We are chefs!


The igloo has been transformed in to the Arctic Café!


We had our first cooking session today and thoroughly enjoyed making and eating rocky road treats.


We have been very busy! We came up with a list of class rules for cooking, re-ordered the jumbled instructions given to us by Miss Gunduzler, prepared our treat and then designed a wrapper for it too!


See below for photos taken throughout the day...








It was delicious!


5.3.15 - World Book Day

Some of us came to school dressed as our favourite characters, others came as characters we had created. See if you can spot 'Rude Ruby', 'Lazy Lucy' and 'Fantastic Mr Wolf'...


Here we are acting out a scene at Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. We imagined how our characters would behave the first time they encounter Willy Wonka and all the chocolate!





February 2015 - The Igloo

The igloo is complete! We used over 200 bottles - thank you to everyone for contributing!

Year One archive 2013-14

Homerswood Hens on Chicken Tuesday!


On Tuesdays George's Mum and Dad come to help us in our garden. We have been planting pumpkins, carrots and beans and we'll soon be creating our very own sensory garden. We are all very excited and love spending time in the garden especially when we have two very special visitors - Sally and Boo!

We have radishes!


We have been watching and checking on our vegetables in the garden and today we dug up our radishes. We shared them this afternoon for our snack. Some of us thought that they were a bit peppery!

This week's Home Learning