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Year 1

20.7.21 A lovely treat this afternoon keeping us cool during a hot day!

12.7.21 The children have enjoyed our History topic this term ‘Great Inventions:Transport’. The children have been comparing modern and early aeroplanes and made and tested their own aeroplanes!

9.7.21 The children enjoyed taking part in lots of different coding activities as part of Computing day :)

1.7.21 Today in D&T the children have been getting their fabric ready to make their puppets!

22.6.21 The year 1 children enjoyed walking around the local area to find inspiration for their descriptive writing!

17.6.21 The children loved looking after Pebble for the last two weeks. We will miss him as he moves to the next class!

8.6.21 The year 1 children enjoyed celebrating languages day today. They used their French to choose what they would like to eat from the French cafe :)

26.5.21 Today the children welcomed some special guests into year 1 :)

20.5.21 Today the children worked as a class to recreate the 'Maman' by Louise Bourgeois using newspaper.

12.5.21 Today the children enjoyed having a tennis coach come in for their PE lesson.

5.5.21 Today the children were following in Andy Goldsworthy's footsteps by creating their 3D sculptures using natural objects.

22.4.21 The children have been busy this afternoon looking for invertebrates during our science lesson!

16.4.21 This week the children have been investigating number bonds to 10!

19.3.21 Science Week

Welcome back!

We are extremely happy to welcome the children back this week and look forward to learning again with them in the classroom smiley

11.3.21 Today the children have been busy designing, building and evaluating a windmill fit for a mouse!

Welcome to our year 1 class page!


Our team:

Miss Kennoy

Mrs Henry

Miss Skeggs

Mr Scully


The year 1 team are pleased to be welcoming the children back to school this week! We look forward to sharing lots of exciting learning with the children throughout the year.


On this page, we will share some of the learning the children get up to during the school day with you.


Although we are having to adapt to new school guidelines, the children have continued to show resilience and have all settled into their first week in year 1 extremely well.Due to the current situation, a recovery curriculum is in place to allow children to settle into school life again giving them opportunities to reflect and build upon prior learning in order to help meet curriculum targets this year.


This month we will also be celebrating the 100 year anniversary of Welwyn Garden City where the children will have the opportunity to discover the history of their local area.



15.12.20 Christmas Party

11.12.20 The children have been busy this week decorating our year 1 Christmas tree!

02.12.20 As part of One World Week, the children have been learning about Malawi. During Christmas time in Malawi, they make handmade instruments so the children made their own.

26.11.20 Christmas production rehearsals well under way!

20.11.20 In line with our 'Heroes' topic this month, the children voted for their new role play to be a hospital.

13.11.20 Child Initiated Learning

19.10.20 Tennis

14.10.20 Today the children decorated the cakes they made on World Maths Day

09.10.20 Child Initiated Learning

02.10.2020 In today's music lesson the children were using claves to make a beat.

29.09.2020 Our year 1 Simmons bakery is now open for business!

28.09.2020 Church visit- Harvest festival

24.09.2020 Today the children created their own person, creature or animal using things they found during forest school.

21.09.2020 Today the children have been using the potatoes that we dug from our garden to create different prints.

18.09.2020 Music Lesson

16.09.2020 Gardening

10.09.2020 Lockdown Memory Drawings

10.09.2020 Child Initiated Learning