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Year 1

Firstly, we would like to say that we have  been very proud of your children for settling into Year 1 so well. We know that the transition into this year can be hard and a big step for many of the children but they have adapted remarkably well. 


This week, Year 1 have been writing list and captions, linking ideas which represent the pictures. It was interesting to listen to the many different ideas the children came up with although some were a bit far fetched!


During Maths lessons, we have  been focusing ordinal and positional language and had great fun on the playground moving up and down 'floors' of our imaginary building.  


We are  looking forward to working with both you and your children this year.




Miss Markiewicz, Mrs Reeves and Mr Scully.

FUDGE morning in Year 1 - thank you to those who were able to attend.

Year 1 have been looking at cardinal direction and using a compass - Never Eat Shredded Wheat!

Snail races during Forest School

Year 1 learning about capacity and volume

Year 1 Spring 1 Newsletter

Celebrating a 'Good' Ofsted result with an Ice Cream Van!

Year 1 learning tennis skills with coaches from Gosling Sport Center

We were lucky to celebrate National Storytelling Week with children from Year 6.

After having fun in the snow, Mr Scully brought Year 1 delicious hot chocolate and biscuits to warm up.

Year 1 making fat balls to help the birds this Winter.

Making our Rudolph hot chocolates for the Christmas fair - they were a sell out!

Wonderful outfits for a fantastic Christmas play!

Year 1 had fun figuring out how to make the same value using different numbers and addition.

Year 1 played dominoes and dice games to help them to recognise patterns with number

Year 1's art portraits