Our school is currently closed apart from for vulnerable pupils and those pupils with key workers as parents. Please do not come to the school site without contacting us.
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‘Learning to Succeed’

Personal Social and Health Education

Personal, Social, Health and Economic education is a subject where pupils develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to manage their lives now and in the future.  At Homerswood, PSHE is an integral part of our curriculum and forms the basis of our school aims and vision.


These skills and attributes help our pupils to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in modern Britain.  We encourage our pupils to be reflective learners with the use of diary style 'Learning Journals' and we provide a safe and supportive learning environment where our pupils feel confident to ask questions, challenge information they are given and express their views and opinions.  This helps our pupils strive to achieve their academic potential and to leave Homerswood equipped with skills for the future.


We base our PSHE teaching mainly on the SEAL programme (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) alongside the Be The Best You Can Be programme.  This exciting programme follows the ethos and values of the Olympics, while harnessing the Olympian spirit to 'Be the best they can be!'  Its main aim is to increase and develop our pupils' self-confidence and aspirations, showing them the importance of working towards goals and overcoming barriers.






Learning Journals

Learning Journals 1
Learning Journals 2


Be The Best You Can Be Launch Day September 2013

Through our PSHE Curriculum, we help our pupils to demonstrate independence, confidence and an understanding and responsibility for themselves and others.  They show an understanding of their own and others' health and well-being, emotional and social needs and behaviour.  Circle Time sessions help our pupils to discuss issues and concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

Be The Best You Can Be Celebration Day

Wednesday 9th July 2014


To celebrate all of the amazing work the children at Homerswood have done this year to be the best they can be, we were visited again by our friend, the BMX ace Mike Mullen today.  Mike reminded us to always try our best and never give up, even when we find things hard.  Our Flying High curriculum encourages us to take risks and try new challenges - the SIX teachers that Mike jumped over today certainly did that!

surpriseLook carefully at the children's faces in the background as Mike launched over the brave (terrified?) staff!  Brilliant!