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Welcome to Nursery


Welcome to Nursery. The children have all settled brilliantly in Nursery and love learning through play and having lots of fun with their teachers Mrs Spillman, Miss Williams and Mrs Stevenson. The children have been very busy learning new rules and routines and getting to know all the different areas within our indoor and outdoor classroom. Learning is planned through exciting topics. This half term we are having fun learning about “ourselves”.


The children come into Nursery every morning eager to learn and are very busy with lots of different activities which we call busy fingers. These activities develop the children’s fine motor skills to help build their hand strength. Throughout the morning, the children play games, listen to stories, sing lots of songs and play instruments to help them learn letter sounds and to develop an understanding of numbers.


We have a lovely classroom where the children like to dress up, play in the home corner or create works of art with paint, stickers and crayons. The children really enjoy their outdoor learning and we are very lucky to have a big outdoor area where they can play in the sand and water trays, ride bikes and scooters, climb, dig, make mud cakes in the mud kitchen and play with balls, cones and balancing equipment.


Keep checking the web page to see our photographs, news and fantastic learning in Nursery.

Meeting lots of minibeasts and other animals - 20th June

We loved meeting the fire fighters and seeing the fire engine - 10th May

We enjoyed meeting and learning about what police officers do - 3rd May 2018

Learning about road safety

We loved the drumming on Samba Day - 21st March 2018

Our walk to the local shops - 13th March 2018

GLAM Morning - Friday 9th March 2018

We really enjoyed our food topic - March 2018

Celebrating Chinese New Year - February 2018

Enjoying lots of activities for our Nursery Rhymes and stories topic - January 2018

Christmas show and party - 13th December 2017

Investigating ice - 6th November 2017

Enjoying our topic on light - November 2017

Friday 3rd November 2017

We hope you all had a great half term, the children have enjoyed sharing their half term news with the rest of the class during carpet time. Thank you for bringing in their pictures, drawings and photos to share.

This week the children have been very busy. Activities have included making pumpkin and firework paintings, investigating fruit and vegetables with seeds and making sure they counted 8 legs on our peg leg spiders.   

Welcome to Nursery


Welcome to Nursery.  We are all very happy 3 and 4 years old, with lots of bright ideas and energy.  We have lots of fun with our teacher Mrs Cropley, our lovely Nursery Nurse; Mrs Carroll and our classroom assistant Mrs Stevenson.


Everyday we have a range of activities; some of these are to develop our fine motor skills, to help us build hand strength, which will make us good writers.  We play lots of instruments, sing lots of songs and play games which helps us to learn our letter sounds and develop an understanding of numbers.  Mrs Cropley and Mrs Carroll read us lots of brilliant stories too, sometimes as a group and other times on a one to one, (but everyone is always welcome to join in.)


We are so lucky because our class room is light and bright with space to play with water, be artistic and paint, read, do puzzles, build tall towers and even get dressed up in all sorts of outfits!  We go outside everyday and have a really big outdoor space to run around in, ride our bicycles, play with sand and dig.  We have three growing beds, which we weed, plant out and water, so that we can dig up the vegetables when they are big enough.


We lead our learning each day through child initiated play and even though our teachers plan lots of great activities, we always end up using them in a different way to the one that was planned, because we have such great ideas and need to explore for ourselves.

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Our Space Topic - It's Out Of This World!

In Nursery we are thinking about space.  Which planet we live on and where we are in the solar system. 


We have read lots of stories such as; Whatever Next, Aliens Love Underpants, Q Pootle 5 in Space, Aliens In Underpants Save The World, to name a few. 


Our role play area is currently a Space Station and Space Rocket! 


We have painted and drawn aliens and designed them their own pair of pants.  We have created some flying saucers and marble rolled and bubble blown planets!


We have looked at the International Space Station and then made it out of play dough, straws and spaghetti! 


We are always so busy in Nursery, we learn a lot and have  lots of fun!

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Our Bubbly Maths Workshop with Bumble!

Nursery had great fun at their Bubbly Math Workshop with Bumble on Tuesday 20th January 2015.  We learned the names of lots of shapes and counted how many sides they had. 


We learned that...... A circle has 1 side

                          .......A semi-circle has 2 sides

                          .......A triangle has 3 sides

                          .......A square has 4 sides

                          .......A pentagon has 5 sides.




Vincent Van Gogh Sunflower Art Work
In Nursery we looked at a massive sunflower with magnifying glasses that had grown in the Year 1 garden.  We handled and touched the seeds, counting them and making shakers with them.  We used lots of language like; stem, petal, flower, stem and after we drew and painted sunflowers.  We also squirted paint onto the tables and made lots of lovely marks in it, which we took a print of.  This became the background for our Nursery version of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflower painting.  
Digging-up Potatoes we had grown in the Nursery garden

Harvesting Potatoes


We have been learning about Harvest in Nursery.  Having read Oliver's Vegetables we then went outside to dig up our own potatoes!  (They were planted by last years Nursery children.)  We think we may have grown one of the worlds smallest potatoes!  Afterwards the children did some potato printing.  Others sold the potatoes and weighed them in our role play shop.


During snack time several children chose to try spinach (just like in Oliver's garden), some even liked it!


As usual the resources I put out are not always used how I planned, (the children are far more imaginative!)  The brown play-dough was used as though it was soil and the children buried potatoes in it.  Others used the potatoes as if they were rolling pins.  



Nursery playing together
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