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Modern Foreign Languages

MFL Guidance 2020-2021

At Homerswood we focus on enabling pupils to make progress in one language, French. Children are encouraged to listen, and ask and answer questions.


They have an opportunity to speak in sentences and engage in conversations. They are taught to appreciate French songs, poems and rhymes. They learn to demonstrate an understanding of reading and writing simple words and sentences, and are also taught to develop the appropriate pronunciation.

Homerswood Celebrated a "French Day" where all year groups took part in a celebration of languages. Part of this day involved practicing their french speaking skills to order some french food at a cafe! They made their choice between a brioche or a croissant by saying "je voudrais" and not forgetting their manners!

A great way to learn new languages is through rhythm. At Homerswood we use lots of catchy songs, rhymes and chants to help remember new vocabulary. Here is Year 3 showing how they remember the different "body parts", can you recognise the song?

Still image for this video

Here is what some of our pupils think about learning French at Homerswood. Some quotes speak about being able to apply their language skills when they visit France, and others love the interactive activities we do in class.

Year 9 students, from Monkswalk School, visited year 6 to share some fun Spanish games and activities.

French Around the School At Homerswood.