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How To... Videos

On this page you will find videos on how to solve common problems we face on computers, tablets and devices. We hope they help! 

How to... Use Kami to annotate PDFs

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We've started using Kami at school to annotate and access PDFs. You'll need to connect your Google account and Kami the first time you use it, so here is a video explaining how to do it. Once you access it once, you'll not need to do it again.

This will enable you to edit PDFs, write on them and complete those PDF home learning tasks easily.

The video should have also said how to move a piece of text, a drawing or an annotation after you have created it. Simply, click on the 'Select' option with the arrow symbol in the top left of the screen. This will allow you to move objects around.

Any questions, please ask!

How to... access Google Classroom

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Mr Prior has made this video to help children access their Google Classroom at home. Let us know if you need further support.

How to... make a copy of a document so that you can edit and save

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With thanks to Ms Reed for her expertise and contributing this video.

Suggestions for How To... Videos

Not sure on how to do something on a computer programme? Send in a suggestion and we will try and help. If you have a solution to a common problem faced by your fellow students send in a suggestion and we can post your video on how to solve it.