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Homerswood's Pathway Curriculum

At Homerswood Primary and Nursery School we follow the National Curriculum 2014 to deliver our subject knowledge and skills. In January 2021 we are launching a brand new curriculum which we call 'Our Pathway Curriculum'.  Our curriculum has been designed by the pupils as well as by the adults that work with them and aims to be fun, creative and inspire all those involved in it.  Parents and Governors have also been consulted.


The new curriculum encourages our pupils to understand the learning journey they are experiencing by following a pathway from Nursery to Year 6.  'Tracks' are threaded throughout every subject and leanring experience to ensure that the needs of our chiclren are best met.  Along the way the pupils will lay 'Footprints' in their memories by taking part in special experiences.  They keep these memeories in a 'Pathway Pad'.


Our Pathway Curriculum enables all children to have the same experiences regardless of their prior or current experiences whilst ensuring that we offer a highly personalised curriculum.


You can view the 'Pathway Curriculum' overview document below.

Homerswood's Pathway Curriculum

Long Term Curriculum Plan 2020 to 2021