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Children in Need Day 2019
We raised £218 by dressing up in spotty clothes and holding a duck race this year!
Children in Need Day 2018
We raised £171 by dressing spotty and holding a duck race!
Charity of the Year 2018 to 2019 : JDRF Diabetes Charity
Charity of the Year 2017 to 2018 : Willow
We rose a whopping £647.23 for Willow last year by dressing in purple for the day and holding collections at our school productions.  Willow visited us to talk about what makes people happy as well as how their special days work and why they are desperately needed.
Charity of the Year 2016 to 2017 : Young Minds
We rose awareness for Mental Health Day on the 10th October 2016 by wearing yellow and supporting YoungMinds.  We raised over £120
Charity of the Year 2015 - 2016 : Guide Dogs
To date we have raised £329.39 for our Charity of the Year 2015 - 2016 by dressing up in Glowy Items and having a collection at our Christmas Performances.
Dressed by the Kids Day : Friday 29 April 2016
The staff were great sports and allowed the pupils to dress them up with accessories to support Oxfam.  We raised around £90 for charity.
Fun Run to Raise Money for Well Child
We spent a glorious sunny hour running around our large field and playground to raise money for WellChild.  This is the charity that Our Admin Assistant Mrs Williams was running the London Marathon for too!
Choir sing at St John's Church, Digswell.
Super Star Rhythmic Gymnast

We have a rising star currently studying in our school and we are very proud of Abbi Percival.

Abbi participated in two big Rhythmic Gymnastics competitions at the end of October and the beginning of this month at Bath and Northampton.

These competitions are very big (for the whole of South of UK) and the competition is strong. C.170 gymnasts competed at Bath alone.

Here are some of the highlights from the competitions:

Abbi was 5th in the Under 12 years old Novice level in Bath for her Hoop routine performance.

She also performed really well at the Northampton completion as part of a trio.

Abbi appeared in the Welwyn and Hatfield Times newspaper, as well as on their website.

Remembrance Day Parade
Around 20 of our pupils took part in the WGC Remembrance Parade on Sunday 8 November.  They showed great respect and dedication to the groups that they belonged to. 
Glowy Day
We raised awareness for the 'Guide Dogs for the Blind' Charity on Thursday 22 October by wearing 'glowy' items!  We raise dover £200 for our Charity of the Year.  The guide dogs and their handlers even came to visit us after school!
Welwyn Hatfield Times Awards 2015

Mrs Shirley and many others attended the Welwyn Hatfield Times Awards at Oaklands College Campus.  We were crowned finalists in School of the Year 2015 and Anatea in Year 6 crowned a finalist for Sports Achiever of The Year for her excellence in acrobatic gymnastics.


However, we won the category for Innovation.  Our award winning Year 6 celebrated winning an award for their Jibber Jabber projects.  Well done!

Mini Marathon to raise funds for Carers UK

Homerswood children in Reception to Year 6 ran their own marathon to support Carers UK

Here are the results of the mini marathon:

Reception ran 168 laps of the KS1 playground (all children did 7 laps).

Year 1 ran 481 laps of the field and playground. The children who ran the most number of laps were Roman and Alan who both did 30 laps.

Year 2 ran 620 laps of the course! Katie did the most laps (28).

Year 3 ran 475 laps of the course. The child who ran the most number of laps was Joe (30).

Year 4 ran 526 laps, and Kylume ran the most number of laps (26).

Year 5 ran 592 laps Armando ran the most number of laps (29).

Year 6 ran 515 laps. The child who ran the most number of laps was Charlie Males, with an amazing 35!

An amazing £724.05 was raised through the Mini Marathon sponsorship. This will be added to the £90 that we raised through the silver collection at the Year 4 production. What an amazing amount! Many thanks to everyone that has supported this event.

Nepal Community Support
Maya in Year 4 and her family suggested we raise money for Carers Worldwide, a charity who is currently supporting families getting back on their feet after the recent earthquake in Nepal.  People they know and work with have been affected in the most remote places.  We were all happy to help and will host a non school uniform day.  The non-uniform day on Friday raised an amazing £325.35!  Here are some of the people we have helped.
Community Work : Libby In Year 4

A big thank you to Libby in Year 4 who spent her weekend working with KitAid packing kits for children and adults to be sent to over 49 countries. The bags contain recycled old football kits and distributes them to people in underprivileged children and adults in some to the world's poorest communities. What great community spirit! For more information visit