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Home Learning Support During Lockdown

Statutory Information for Remote Learning

Home Learning Expectations


If you are asked to self isolate then we have worked hard to use our online learning platforms to upload daily tasks for you to complete.


What do I need to do every week day?

Every child, if they're well, is expected to complete the following tasks:

  • 30 minutes PE (We recommend Joe Wicks PE lesson)
  • 20 minutes TT Rock Stars 
  • 20 minutes reading - including practising reading out loud to show that you know where to pause or use greater expression.
  • Daily maths, literacy and topic learning set on Google Classroom
  • Teachers will also set spelling tasks


Your school-set learning should take no more than:

1 to 3 hours per day - Early Years and Years 1 and 2

4 hours per day - Years 3 to 6


Break it up by completing a task at a time with a break in between (just as you would at school). 15 minutes work at a time may be enough to keep your brain fresh and active.


We want you to achieve to your very best potential so continue to produce work of as high a standard (as you would in school) and keep on heading into the stretch zone to keep your brain alert and open to learning new things. Remember it's ok to get it wrong: failure = learning.


I want to do more work - what can I do?

It's great if you want to do some more work. Things like practising times-tables,  and research are easy to do but you also have time to think about what really interests you. Do you like superheroes or karate, are hoping to be a fashion designer one day or a scientist? Why not complete some work around something you are REALLY interested in - how often do your teachers give you the chance for you to learn about exactly what you want.


There are some ideas below but the opportunities are endless...