From September, out school will open to all pupils. However, please do not come to the school site without contacting us.
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‘Learning to Succeed’

Flying High

At Homerswood Primary and Nursery School we follow the National Curriculum 2014 to deliver our subject knowledge and skills.  We have a unique curriculum which we call 'Flying High'.  Our curriculum has been designed by the pupils as well as by the adults that work with them and aims to be fun, creative and inspire all those involved in it.  It encourages our pupils to understand the learning journey they are experiencing and understand that learning is a set of skills rather than knowledge absorbed.  


All of the children work are learning to be 'Leggy Learners'; learners that progress more quickly because they have the skills to learn themselves.  Key qualities encouraged are: taking risks; persevering; making mistakes and learning from them; asking questions; relating knowledge and skills to real life; memorising facts.


Come and visit (and ride on!) our Flying High aeroplane that symbolises our curriculum.