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Enrichment for More Able and Talented

At Homerswood Primary and Nursery School, we pride ourselves on meeting the needs of all pupils and we want all our pupils to benefit as much as possible from their time here.  We set high standards for all children but for those with a special strength or talent,  we plan carefully to stretch the more able within class and augment provision through a well thought through enrichment provision.

Once a term those children showing an exceptional talent or ability, or showing a passion for learning more, are given the opportunity to attend a bespoke enrichment trip.  These trips are tailored for 8 to 10 pupils and 3 adults accompany them making the trip personalised.  You can view some of these trips below.

As well as Enrichment Trips, we also offer those children with a particular strength or flair opportunities to take part in smaller school projects such as story writing competitions.

La Travviata : Holland Park Visit

The  children said they were looking forward to:


"learning about the high pitched singing"

"Memorising the Italian lyrics"

"The part when Violetta dies"(having read the booklet)

"Listening to songs in different languages" 


During the show:


"The vocalisation surprised me"

What the pupils said ...

"The music did not sound real"

"I thought there would some talking but i am enjoying reading from the screens"


After the show:


"My favorite moment was when Violetta found love with Alfredo-it was really lovely"

"The bit that surprised me was that Violetta thought she was getting better but she died"

"Amazing set!So cool"



"Be prepared for sudden loudness"

"Go with it ,remember the characters"

"Read about it before hand. The words help on the screen but were difficult to read"

"You didn't need to know the story because the acting was so good you could follow it"

What the children said :


"It's a great adventure we are going on"

"I liked it that life carried on here - you could ice-skate on the water and they also had bombing here"

"I didn't know you had a petticoat when you were a girl evacuee"

"I was amazed that the machine was called 'le bomb'.  They usually explode!"

"I love the classroom because they have different activities and I hope they don't shout 'German plane' anytime soon"

"I like challenging myself and really enjoying it!"

"It's a bit unusual for a boy but I am liking doing the Morse Code Jewellery"

"I was surprised by the fact that they had no lights on the road at night"

"Really good being able to touch items and try breaking codes"

"I have loved learning the different codes and history of Bletchley Park.  I didn't know about this place until I got the letter.  I looked and said I had to be there.  I would look at coding more in the future."

"It's really got my brain working and thinking what I have to do!"

"I thought it would be all broken but instead it's really good and it has lots of things to do."

Comments made by parents :

"Brilliant pictures! Rebecca had a great day and was exhausted afterwards. Thank you x"

"Frankie loved it. She talked all night about all the animals she had seen. Thank you so much for making her feel so special. X"


Just three days later Frankie said in an assembly about being great :  "I am great at looking after animals".

Comments made by pupils:

Whilst sat at leaving area - "Sad! I don't want it to finish I want to stay longer."

"The music here makes you relax and you feel you can build anything"

Whilst discussing the advertisement on the underground on the way home - "That's the Beatles like made from Lego!"

"This is great!  We have not been on a train before"

"This is amazing!  All that effort and it shows the imagination of someone's mind"

"This is so worth coming to see!"

"I love the way Nathan (the artist) planned it out and made each piece so realistic"

"The T-Rex took 80, 020 bricks to build - crazy - whole summer to build"

"All the big stuff is massive. The T-Rex is great!  Going to make my own when I get home!"


British Library and Book Trail in London : Autumn 2014

Science Museum and Cambridge University : Summer Term 2014