From September, our school will open to all pupils. However, please do not come to the school site without contacting us.
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Primary and Nursery School

‘Learning to Succeed’


Through our Art and Design curriculum, at Homerswood, we hope to value and recognise all pupils’ achievements and ensure that every pupil is given a full opportunity to succeed.


Children develop their creativity and imagination through a range of activities. They learn to investigate materials and control tools. They learn new techniques with colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space. They develop their skills in drawing, painting and sculpture, using sketchbooks to collect record and evaluate their ideas. The children also learn about great craftsmen, artists and designers. Most importantly the Art and Design curriculum is intended to foster an enjoyment and appreciation of art. We aim to make it fun.


Each term the children are encouraged to create piece of artwork for the gallery. Prizes are awarded for the most creative ideas.  Good luck and have fun!


An  Art club is also available for pupils.

Knitting club

The Wheat Quarter Art Competition entries. The children have been invited to participate in an exciting art project to create designs to decorate the hoardings near the old Shredded Wheat factory in W.G.C. The theme of the project is Work, Live and Play.

The children at Art Club decorated watering cans and made flowers.

School Gallery work

The Big Draw - Year 3 and 4

Art Gallery Spring - Choose a character from a book to draw, paint or sculpt.

FUDGE Morning. Look at this fabulous Art work from our very creative dads.

Winter Wonderland gallery pictures

Haileybury Prep and  Primary Schools' Festial of Arts competition 2015.


We are delighted to announce that the two winners of the competition were Louie Woodgate yr4 and Jamie Mills yr6. The two runners-up were Aadya Rajesh yr3 and Ana Barron yr6. These children have been invited to attend  the award ceremony at Haileybury School on the 6th of June.

All entries will be on display to the general public on Thursday 4th June and Friday 5th June between 2.00 and 4.00pm.

See the wonderful entries from Homerswood below.

Competition entries