Our Early Years Foundation Stage holds the Gold Herts Quality Standard Award. Please do come and visit for more information about our Nursery or Reception!
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Primary and Nursery School

‘Learning to Succeed’

Vision and Code

The Homerswood Vision


At Homerswood we strive to:

  • be confident and happy
  • be respectful and caring
  • be pro-active in our learning
  • achieve our full potential, in all areas of life through having high expectations of ourselves and others.


The Homerswood Code


We will always:

  • Be ready to learn

  • Believe in ourselves

  • Be willing to take part in new and exciting experiences

  • Listen to one another

  • Be kind and caring to one another

  • Show understanding of other people's needs

  • Say please and thank you

  • Look after our property and that which belongs to other

  • Hold doors open for each other

  • Pick things up from the floor


We will never:

  • Hurt another person on purpose with words or actions

  • Be disrespectful to others in words or actions

  • Cover up the truth

  • Run around school when we should be walking.






Behaviour Leaflet for Parents : What you need to know.