Our Early Years Foundation Stage holds the Gold Herts Quality Standard Award. Please do come and visit for more information about our Nursery or Reception!
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Welcome to Reception 2018

Reception have settled brilliantly into a very busy school day and have made an impressive start to the school year. Well done!

The children are loving learning through play and have lots of fun with their teachers Mrs Manly, Mrs Henry, Mrs Bohoran and Miss Williams. The children have been very busy learning new rules and routines and getting to know all the different areas within our indoor and outdoor classroom. Learning is planned through exciting topics. This term we are thinking about “animals” and “toys”. The teachers are very proud of how the children are planning their own learning and asking so many thoughtful and interesting questions.

The children come into school every morning keen and eager to learn and are very busy with lots of different activities. Every day there is a phonic lesson where the children are learning the sounds and letter names of the alphabet. The children often play games and sing songs to help with their reading and writing. Also the children are learning to recognise numbers, learning the names of shapes and how to make exciting repeating patterns.

Reception are very lucky to have a lovely big outdoor area where they love to climb, explore and play with balls, ropes and balancing equipment.

Parents are welcome to come and visit Reception at any time and see how much the children love to learn at Homerswood School.

Keep checking the web page to see our exciting news, photographs and amazing learning.


We are helping children less fortunate than us by wearing spots to school!

We celebrated Armistice Day by making poppy cakes!

We loved touching all the animals..........

We loved going to the Library. We shared the books with our friends and sang lovely songs.

We loved making tiger biscuits........

Enjoying our first days at school.....