We are now accepting Nursery applications for September 2018. Please contact the school office for an application form and to book a visit. Please see Key Information tab below for more details.
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Homerswood School Governing Body

The Governing Body for Homerswood School currently has 10 members and 1 associate member.


The Governing Bodies role is to be:

  • Accountable
  • Strategic
  • Financial probity


 All governing body meetings cover the following topics: budget, staffing, health and safety, premises, curriculum, learning and teaching, progress and attainment.


We currently have vacancies for 3 Community governors.  

If you are interested then please contact the school office ( 

Governing Body meeting dates (September 2017 - July 2018).


As of September 2017 the governing body structure has been revised to ensure maximum efficiency and knowledge.  It no longer consists of sub-committees but all governors attend all the meetings throughout the year.  We also now have two co-chairs - a strategy employed to provide maximum support and strategy for the Head teacher, SLT and the governing body.  The introduction of a co-chair also ensures optimum succession planning.


Autumn term Spring term Summer term
Tuesday 26th September Tuesday 6th February Tuesday 1st May
Tuesday 5th December Tuesday 20th March Tuesday 15th May (Budget meeting)
    Tuesday 3rd July

Attendance: 26th September (8/9), 5th December (7/10)


Governor Monitoring Mornings

1st March 2018

14th June 2018


Governor Visits

11th December 2017 - Governor awards assembly


Last updated December 2017